Arcanist and Summoner (unintentionally) Revealed?

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Some enterprising individuals have apparently located pages on the official Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn website for a new class (Arcanist) and a new Job (Summoner).  This does make sense as Yoshida  told us that he had decided to put a summoner in the game (all the way back in October 2011).   Recall that he also zipped his lip when we asked him again at E3.  We’ve posted images of the pages in case they mysteriously vanish.

Op-Ed: The Difference Between Weapon Classes and Jobs.

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Armoury: A Collection of Weapons and Tools in a single location. One of the largest misconceptions flowing around the FFXIV fanbase, at least amongst the English and European Demographics, is that the Weapon Based Classes from the Armoury System in Final Fantasy XIV are interchangeable with the “Traditional Jobs” from previous Final Fantasy Job systems. The fact is this is not the case – and was not meant to be the case – and is worth a look at the …

The Suggestion Box: The Role System

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Right now, party play in FFXIV is somewhat of a semi-organized free-for-all. To paraphrase one community member, there is no real strategy to any party activity in this game. Instead of developing a solid party strategy, current party dynamics is to simply have enough bodies to throw at the enemy so players can spam enough damaging abilities to take it down quickly. From that perspective, parties in FFXIV are akin to roving bands of barbarians. I may be only speaking …

Dengeki and Tanaka at E3

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E3 is now behind us.  FFXIV Producer Tanaka Hiromichi is back in Japan, working on the latest version update for FFXI and the FFXIV beta.  However, that doesn’t mean we are through looking at all the exciting information to come out of the event! Expect a number of articles to pop up on Eorzeapedia this week and next as we go through the Japanese media interviews and some of the interesting reporting they’ve been doing after the event. For starters, …

Dengeki Games Vol. 7: Keep Your Name?!

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Surprise!  While Weekly Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation are the two biggest sources of information we have for FFXIV when it comes to magazines, there are a few other publications out there that cover FFXIV as well.  It is rare to see additional articles so close to some major announcements, but Dengeki Games decided to give everybody a little treat. Dengeki Games is a relatively new monthly publication that started up last fall.  It runs gaming information for all platforms whether …

March Dengeki PlayStation Q&A (Part I)

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Did you enjoy all the new information this weekend?  We had an official NA and JP site update and people on the forums have been sifting through the information and finding all sorts of interesting things.  I know some people have been busy updating the wiki as well.  Starting it all off though was a lot of translated information from magazines like Weekly Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation. But wait! We haven’t talked about the interesting stuff that was in Dengeki …

Lost (and Gained) in Translation – Abilities and Weapon Skills

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It’s time for a Lost in Translation check!  We have new official information in English but it doesn’t match up with everything that is out in Japanese.  Let’s do a quick comparison of abilities and weapon skills and see what’s changed. Archer Ability Replenish: [J] Use up all of your arrows to be able to fire off multiple arrows at once.  [E] Consume MP to replenish your projectiles to capacity. Marauder Ability Murderous Intent: [J] Increases critical hit rate. [E] …

Famitsu Interview with Developers Okada, Sato, and Iwao

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Another day, another article.  Today’s information is also courtesy of Famitsu.  Along with the developer comments they had for the various classes, they also had a short one page interview with the three developers.  Once again, let’s take a look at what Battle Director Atsushi Okada, Planner Sei Sato, and Planner Kenichi Iwao had to say about their game. Famitsu: For starters, could you give us a basic idea of how combat works? Okada: While you can play solo as …

Detailed Class Info from Famitsu and 4Gamer

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The day of the FFXIV Beta Test Site opening is upon us.  Many people are anxiously awaiting a chance to play the alpha build and test out game play.  What better time than today for Square Enix to give us more detailed information about some of the classes people will be playing around with!  Both Weekly Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation have big spreads on FFXIV this week.  Jumping the gun though was Famitsu posting the information on their website just …

This Week in the Magazines (and more!)

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Going between two languages, it is easy for things to get lost in translation. Not only that, but for Final Fantasy XIV, the sites for each region are also presented in entirely different ways. That means sometimes there can be pictures or text in one that doesn’t show up in the either.

At the moment, we have extensive text on the NA site about some of the beast families like Aldgoats and Antelopes. However, the Japanese site does not contain any additional text, just the pictures that were released to the Japanese media as well. For those in Japan, they have to get their information from the magazines released this weekend or one of the several gaming news websites like GAME Watch or 4gamer.

Let’s check out what was in the magazines that isn’t on the NA site as well as what things may have been lost along the way.