2 months ago

Preview: Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open

If I’m being honest, as a reviewer, it’s often difficult for a game to wow me. It’s not that there aren’t good games out there, but it sometimes feels rare to come across unique titles in this industry. Luckily, I think I found something that fits the bill in Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open.
4 months ago

Review: Bahnsen Knights

Time is a circle, and what’s old is new again. There’s been plenty of aesthetic throwbacks in recent years, most typically to the 64-bit era, following along the 16-bit nostalgia wave previously. But poking in at the margins here and there is a growing trend of games imitating the early PC games of the 80s.
13 Jul 2020

Alfa System’s “Sisters Royale” Makes its Way to XBox One

The XBox series of consoles is typically seen as starved of Japanese-developed releases, and it appears bullet hell shoot-em-ups are no exception. Luckily, for fans of the genre, one developer is taking the time to port a recent title over to the XBox One. Alfa System, developers of classic bullet hell series Castle of Shikigami