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15 Aug 2013

FFXIV Developer’s Blog Recap

The so-called “Developer’s Blog” has been particularly active recently – not surprising leading up to the launch of A Realm Reborn.  Revealed on Sunday was the brand-new Unicorn mount: on Tuesday, Chocobo gear:
18 Dec 2012

Chocoback in Black

Hello again! Fernehalwes here. For this installment of the Developers’ Blog, we decided to bring you an in-game screenshot of some chocobo barding that Yoshi-P hinted at back during a previous Producer Letter Live. You may recall this preliminary artwork:
19 Jan 2012

Grand Company Page Update!

New Chocobo Barding on the Way! The Harbor Herald, that Lominsan paragon of investigative integrity, has just released its latest piece—an article on the new mount armor for chocobos rumored to be coming out of the forges of Naldiq & Vymelli’...