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31 Jul 2014

12th Vana’diel Census

Today, Square-Enix published¬†some numbers related to Final Fantasy XI including race and gender breakdown, KO’s Monsters, quests, and total gil. While not entirely comprehensive, the figures are still interesting, for all of the informative infographics, read on.  
4 Jul 2012

Mystic Statistics: Results for the Eleventh Vana’diel Census

Our staunch surveyors have braved the wilds once again, staving off brawny beasts and traipsing over troves of trackless territory to bring you the latest and greatest information pertaining to your realm.This year, in addition to the widely lauded top...
28 Jun 2011

Know Your Realm: Results for the Tenth Vana’diel Census

We sent our seasoned team of surveyors out into the wilds of Vana'diel, and they've finally returned with the latest data detailing practically every aspect of the realm. In addition to the always-popular statistics on the number of relic and mythic we...
11 May 2011

The 9th Annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign Arrives!

Only a paltry number of days remain until May 16, when we mark the 9th year since FINAL FANTASY XI launched and Vana'diel's golden age of adventure began.The realm has prospered for so long thanks to all you heroic adventurers, and as a small token of ...
7 Apr 2011

9th Vana’versary Festivities on the Way!

May 16, 2011 will mark a very special occasion--the ninth anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XI. We'll be celebrating this momentous day with a wide range of events to be held in both Vana'diel and the real world. Read on for a preview of just a few of the t...