3 months ago

Review: Reigns: Three Kingdoms

On some level, Reigns is a concept that you are either on board with or not. It’s a pretty simple game in concept, at least; you are presented with an ongoing slew of decisions, and for each one you either swipe left or swipe right. There’s more to it than that, but it’s at once
10 months ago

Preview: Cross Blitz

Ahoy mateys, it’s your local pirate friend (I’ve been known to engage in a little pirate action of the swashbuckling variety….) here today. Break out the sea shanties, because we’re doing a preview today, and yarrrrr…. it has pirates. And cards! The game today is Cross Blitz, developed by Tako Boy Studios, a retro-styled deckbuilder
1 year ago

Preview: Death Roads: Tournament

Can you believe that I’ve actually never played Slay the Spire? I feel like I should have by this point, but I also feel like I have a general idea of the shape of it just by playing so many games that are derived from its basic formula. There’s a certain type of game, and
31 Mar 2022

Review: Forward: Escape the Fold

I’m quite a fan of roguelike/lite games, but I have to admit, they can often be quite the time sinks. If you’re the type that has found their style of gameplay interesting, but find that they’re often too time consuming or too elaborate, you might find today’s entry quite refreshing. Forward: Escape the Fold (Steam,