26 Apr 2013

Official ARR Site Overrun with Beastmen

Square Enix has (quietly) updated their official site with new images of beastmen and the primals they worship.  According to the overall Lore: Eorzea is home to myriad unique races. Among them are the tribes of the beastmen, who are responsible for calling down the god-like beings known as primals.  Primals are possessed of terrifying
12 Sep 2011

Beastman Strongholds

Patch 1.19 will see beastman strongholds erected in various regions across Eorzea. Read on for the details. * The following thread located under "Updates" in the Official FINAL FANTASY XIV Forums has been updated: [dev1136] Beastman Strongholds
18 Dec 2009

European FFXIV Site Jumps The Gun- Three New Images Released

Thanks to some of our forum members we have some new images for you! For a short period of time this afternoon, three brand new screen shots were found on the European Final Fantasy XIV website, soon after the images were taken down. I think it would be a safe assumption to say there will