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13 Jun 2013

FINAL FANTASY XIV New Class & Jobs Revealed!

It seems Arcanist is our first branching class. Both Summoner and Scholar will be the respective jobs stemming from Arcanist.
5 Sep 2012

Arcanist and Summoner (intentionally) Revealed

After the prior, unintentional, reveal of Arcanist and Summoner, now we have what appears to be an intentional reveal.  The official site has been updated with these two pages (Summoner and Arcanist), complete with the new concept art (that we previously posted about).  While Yoshida has previously been tight lipped about whether there would be
1 Sep 2012

New Screens And Artwork Show off Arcanist and Summoner

Fresh off the heels of the PAX presentation and the presentation at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event in Japan, we have some new screenshots and artwork! Oh, but what’s this? Arcanist and Summoner?
17 Aug 2012

Arcanist and Summoner (unintentionally) Revealed?

Some enterprising individuals have apparently located pages on the official Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn website for a new class (Arcanist) and a new Job (Summoner).  This does make sense as Yoshida  told us that he had decided to put a summoner in the game (all the way back in October 2011).   Recall that he