4 months ago

Preview: Brews & Bastards

So, who’s up for a little co-op arcade action? You? Alright, just be sure to bring a drink to wash it down with! Coming at us from Mune Studio, we had the chance to have a quick look at Brews & Bastards, a slightly tipsy twin-stick take on the classic co-op arcade beat/shoot-em-up formula popularized
8 months ago

Review: RoboDunk

When you first start RoboDunk, it asks you if dunk is the meaning of life. This sort of faux-serious absurdity is, I won’t lie, kind of the sort of thing I live for. Lamentably, as much fun as that question might be, you can expect the game to basically leave it there. It does not
11 months ago

Preview: Hammerwatch II

I found myself with a fair number of feelings when it came to Hammerwatch II. None of them were perhaps the ones the developers wanted, but as I’ve said many times, what is far more important than what I think about a game personally is what the game is trying to be. And in no
1 year ago

Review: Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol. 1

In the 1980s and ‘90s, Japanese developer Toaplan was an indisputable juggernaut of the shoot ‘em up. After the release of their first shmup (and third game overall), Tiger-Heli, the developer went on to unleash no small amount of shooting games across arcade floors. Some time later, they would also make their foray into console
21 Jan 2022

Review: Windjammers 2

Some may accuse me of clinging to nostalgia, but I still think there’s still value in the formula of certain simplistic old school arcade game mechanics. There’s something appealing about the ability to quickly understand how to play and be able to hone your skills as you do so. I’m sure it’s also fun as
20 Feb 2020

Review: SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo 2

Arcade classics have been making the great voyage to the Nintendo Switch for what feels like forever at this point. In fact, you’d probably have better luck at guessing which popular arcade titles aren’t on the Switch than listing those with ports, or off-shoot battle royale remakes.
3 Dec 2019

Review: EarthNight

I have no idea what about this game prompted this title. While a lot of the game takes place in space, where it is dark like night, there’s not much about actual night. It feels like a title that in no small part exists because the most obvious title of Fall To Earth While Killing
8 Oct 2019

Review: BurgerTime Party!

Let me preface this review by saying that I’m definitely old enough to remember the early arcade days, when gaming meant going out to an arcade, bowling alley, or other sort of fun center and popping quarters into arcade cabinets. Yes, they still exist, but in the US, arcades are a shadow of their former
14 Feb 2015

Dissidia Coming To Arcades In Japan

Square Enix has announced a brand new Dissidia… for the arcade… in Japan. The game will feature a 3v3 combat system with characters such as the Warrior of Light, Cloud, Y’shtola and more. You can check out the trailer above and  visit the official site for the game here.
16 Sep 2011

Over 10 Whole Minutes Of Persona 4: Ultimate Arena Gameplay

Running on the Blazblue engine, the game seems to be more like an homage to JoJo’s rather than Blazblue. Then again, considering that Relius Clover plays much like a JoJo’s character, one has to wonder if Persona had an influence on his final design. Or vice versa? Trailer below.
19 Jun 2011

Retro Revival: Top 8 At UFGT7

It’s no secret that I’m fanatic about the Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers) series. I even played competitively back in the day when I was a youngin’. This video really brings me back, and I’d hate to admit that the level current players of the game have achieved is nothing short of intimidating. This video is too
19 Jun 2011

Blazblue: Finally, Your Own Squirrelgirl

Forget catgirls, it looks like pre-orders are now up for Makoto Nanaya, the Squirrelgirl character from Arc System Works’ HD 2d fighter Blazblue. Arcsys, also known for the Guilty Gear franchise, have this release slated for October through Good Smile Company, and sculptor ‘FREEing’. Hopefully your pockets are deep, since the pre-order price comes in
14 Jun 2011

Part 2 Of Capcom’s Daigo Umehara Interview Is Up

If you’re at all familiar with the current fighting scene, or rather, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition scene, then you’ve undoubtedly have heard of Daigo Umehara, AKA “The Beast.” Considered nearly unbeatable by many players, and constantly studied by the likes of Sirlin, a properly translated interview with Daigo is quite rare and really