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1 year ago

Fireline Games Announces New Couch Co-op Game ‘Fueled Up’

Fireline Games, a team of Polish indie devs with past experience working on games such as Dying Light 2 and Control, has announced a new couch co-op game: Fueled Up. Set for release later this year, it sees players trying to survive on a number of spaceships which are barely holding themselves together. The chaotic
28 Sep 2011

City Of Heroes: Freedom Brings The Franchise Into The F2P Market

City Of Heroes is looking mighty gray these days, the 2004 MMO standing the test of time longer than many of it’s competitors. Of course, like all MMO’s, it’s numbers are dwindling. So enters City Of Heroes: Freedom, a F2P version of the game that likely hopes to draw in new players, and keep the
19 Sep 2011

Chrono Trigger Confirmed For iOS And Android Devices

Previously teased, it is now officially confirmed! Square-Enix announced that Chrono Trigger will be available on both iOS and Android devices. While they have provided no official release date for the mobile Chrono Trigger venture, it was mentioned that a “Square Enix Store” will be opened on Android phones, providing a portal for classic Square