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5 months ago

Eternal Return’s Upcoming Full Release and What to Expect

Eternal Return is having its official 1.0 release on July 20th. Published by Kakao Games, Eternal Return is an isometric multiplayer online survival battle arena game. In the beta, it featured 64 characters, a loot-and-craft system, and both single and squad based modes. I was decently surprised to to see this press release email land
26 May 2022

Review: fault – StP – LIGHTKRAVTE

If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while, you have probably noticed by this point that I periodically make a point of picking a game up that I am in no way qualified to review. This would be one of those times, because quite frankly? If there’s one genre I tend to actively dislike,
15 Sep 2021

Review: Metallic Child

Here’s the hidden secret about Metallic Child: It is perhaps best understood not by what it claims to be on the cover but by a series of otherwise ornate references to other games. At a glance, this game is a roguelite, and indeed that’s what it claims to be right on the cover when you
4 Sep 2020

Shenmue: The Animation Announced

Yu Suzuki seems to be going all in on making his Shenmue dreams come true. Because he’s going to be Executive Producing a 13 episode anime adaptation for Ryo Hazuki and his quest for revenge. Announced today during the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, it was revealed that Shenmue: The Animation is currently in production. Telecom Animation
13 Feb 2020

Review: Daemon X Machina

Every so often, you find a game that seems so perfectly targeted to your particular flavors of fascination and enjoyment that it seems like it should, nay, must have been made specifically for you. That is precisely the case for Daemon X Machina, which feels somehow like thirteen-year-old me was given a production role in
3 Oct 2011

Gamer Escape Exclusive Interview: ‘Fighting Is Magic’ Devteam

I recently had the chance to work with the Mane6 team to bring together this – what turned out to be – Particularly amazing interview. Mane6 are currently developing the My Little Pony-based fighting game Fighting Is Magic, which has caused quite a stir not only in it’s own fandom, but also with the fighting
31 Aug 2011

Just Too Much Fighting: Now Persona 4 Is In On The Action

Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena is soon to be released in Japanese arcades, with an Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 release pending for 2012. The game is being developed by the Blazblue team, so chances are it won’t suck – Question is, is there a market for another anime fighter? Between this and
21 Jun 2011

WAKFU Coming To Anime Expo!

Square Enix is bringing WAKFU to this year’s Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center! An episode of the anime series will be premiered and there will be lots of door prizes handed out to attendees. If you’re going to be in the area mark your calender for July 1st at 5:30PM. They’ll be
19 Jun 2011

Blazblue: Finally, Your Own Squirrelgirl

Forget catgirls, it looks like pre-orders are now up for Makoto Nanaya, the Squirrelgirl character from Arc System Works’ HD 2d fighter Blazblue. Arcsys, also known for the Guilty Gear franchise, have this release slated for October through Good Smile Company, and sculptor ‘FREEing’. Hopefully your pockets are deep, since the pre-order price comes in