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17 Oct 2019

All Saints’ Wake 2019 Is Live!

The turning of the leaves is accompanied by the hanging of festive decorations both winged and carved, casting a cheerfully ghoulish glow throughout town centers and residences alike each nightfall. Yet adventurers would do well to fear that the coming of the All Saints’ Wake season might bring more sinister change to Eorzea, for the
18 Oct 2013

All Saints’ Wake: Treacherous Trick or Tasteful Treat?

As the leaves turn color and summer heat gives way to brisk autumn breezes, the denizens of Eorzea once again prepare to observe All Saints’ Wake. As the day of celebration approaches, the streets are abuzz with gossip of strange characters in frightful costumes come to haunt the streets of the three city-states. The Raven
10 Oct 2013

Ghosts and Coblyns

Greetings, everyone! It’s Bayohne here, back with some spooooky news to share! I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but it feels like the atmosphere around the city-states has really started to change. It feels very foreboding, like something is just not quite right… Ul’dah looks a little different, right? There’s something I can’t quite
2 Nov 2011

All Saints’ Wake: Impudent Impulses

All Saints' Wake has come and gone, and now one question is on everyone's lips: did the Adventurers' Guild manage to trump the riddling imps at their game, or was it the winged fiends who had the last laugh? Read on to learn how the episode unfolded.
13 Oct 2011

All Saints’ Wake: Impish Impositions

All Saints' Wake will soon be upon Eorzea, and we all know what this spells: pumpkin-themed décor, oodles and oodles of sweet treats, and, of course, evil beings running rampant! This year, however, beings a touch more corporeal than folk are famili...