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8 Apr 2012

The Gathering Storm

One of the more exciting and lesser known additions that have been making their way into Final Fantasy XIV with each patch are events that are helping to progress the storyline involving the Garlean Empire and the coming of Dalamud. Yesterday, Patch 1.21’s event started to pop up. Instead of fighting cultists in the Sil’dih
6 Jan 2012

From Garleans To Cultists

The last several patches have contained content in the form of randomly timed battles involving the Garlean Empire. It was hinted that this type of content would continue with 1.20 and I had the chance to stumble upon it earlier today! This content differs from previous encounters in a few ways. Firstly, the enemies that
1 Aug 2011

The Imperials Are Here!

A few months ago we reported that a strange person had been seen around Eorzea, speaking of the “Seventh Purification” predicted by Mezaya Thousand Eyes. It was at that time that adventurer’s began to find deaspected crystals during their travels. This man, Urianger Augerelt would appear randomly to speak his words before dispersing. Now, after