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28 Jan 2019

Aetheryte Radio 120: The One About Blue Mage

Episode 120, The One About Blue Mage, aka “This is a Hamilton Podcast Now”. How are those related? Don’t even worry about it! Just sit back and enjoy our full spectrum discussion on BLU. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:24:03 — 99.3MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS | More
20 Jan 2019

Aetheryte Radio 119: Patch 4.5 Spoilercast and Review

The full team is here this time, with Mr. Happy in tow, to bring you a SPOILER FILLED run down of the patch 4.5 MSQ, as well as our first point-based review. Check out Mr. Happy’s Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:42:22 — 61.6MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts
14 Jan 2019

Aetheryte Radio 118: Patch 4.5 Impressions

Join Fusion, Xenedra, Brin and our guest, Mr. Happy, as we give our initial impressions of the new content in patch 4.5. Check out Mr. Happy’s Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:19:16 — 93.8MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS | More
23 Dec 2018

Aetheryte Radio 117: Live Letter XLVIII

 We braved the long night (morning?), to bring you a live translation for the Letter from the Producer Live (thank you Marco!) and now here we are the very next day with some good ol’ Aetheryte Radio commentary. When do we sleep? You can read the original Live Letter summary here. Play in
1 Jul 2011

Aetheryte Radio 17: Return!

Aetheryte Radio returns! Join Fusionx, Aniero and guests Juxtaposition and Maxx-V as they discuss the mountain of proposed changes that await Final Fantasy XIV players in patches 1.18 and beyond. They talk about auto-attack implementations, the Materia system, introduction of jobs, and more. The cast also discusses changes to the Aetheryte Radio Network shows and
10 Mar 2011

Aetheryte Radio 15: Two Months In The Making

Join Fusionx, Urthdigger, Andrey, Jared, and Xenedra as they discuss what’s been going on with Final Fantasy XIV during the first months of 2011! Usually Aetheryte Radio is a monthly show, however due to multiple issues with scheduling, people getting sick etc. we had to postpone the recording on several occasions. This episode will cover
12 Jan 2011

Aetheryte Radio 14: Closing Out 2010

Join Fusionx, Viki, Urthdigger and Mason as they discuss what’s been going on with Final Fantasy XIV during the month of December! This month we discuss our thoughts about the recent change of leadership on the development team. We also touch on the Starlight Celebration, the very first seasonal event to make its way into
10 Dec 2010

Aetheryte Radio 13: Don’t Question My Methods!

Join Fusionx, XyleHarkyn and Aniero as they discuss what’s been going on with Final Fantasy XIV during the month of November! This month we talk about some of the new NMs coming our way in the upcoming December Version Update. We also discuss our thoughts on the November version update which addressed several problems that
5 Oct 2010

Aetheryte Radio 11: Let the Game Begin!

Join Fusionx, Chinchilla, and Steak as they discuss what’s been going on with Final Fantasy XIV during the month of September! This month we jump into Eorzea with the start of service for FFXIV! We talk about the first episodes of our Community and Topics shows as well as what the hosts have been up
3 Sep 2010

Aetheryte Radio 10: The Future

August 18th marked the one year anniversary for Aetheryte Radio! Join us for this episode as we catch up on some news and answer questions related to the Final Fantasy XIV Beta! But that’s not all! We also have several exciting announcements regarding  Aetheryte Radio that are sure to get you excited for the future.
19 Aug 2010

Aetheryte Radio Live Event!

One year ago this week, we released the first episode of Aetheryte Radio. Since then we have released a total of nine episodes and we’re excited to announce that not only will episode ten celebrate our one year anniversary, but it will also be our first live show! For those of you that follow the
8 Jul 2010

Aetheryte Radio 9: The Date

As most of you know, we usually wait until there’s quite a bit of information to talk about before releasing an episode. However, with the recent announcement that Final Fantasy XIV would be coming out this September, we felt that was all the reason we needed to throw up a new episode! One correction we
25 Jun 2010

Aetheryte Radio 8: E3 2010

This episode of Aetheryte Radio delves into everything and everything Final Fantasy XIV at this years E3 expo! Join Aniero, Fusionx, and Ganiman as they talk about all the exciting news coming out of the event. And as a special treat we also have the audio from Eorzeapedia’s interview with Hiromichi Tanaka and Yasu Kurosawa
10 Jun 2010

Aetheryte Radio 7: Luminous Protective Layer

Listen in on Episode 7 as Aniero, Corinth, Fusionx and Steak discuss the content that has come out since episode 6 including some information about things going on with Eorzeapedia. We discuss Life in Eorzea #1 as well as talk about the clan and city-state information released via updates to the official FFXIV website. Corinth
2 Jun 2010

Happy Birthday Eorzeapedia… and Eorzeapedians!

One year ago today, we registered One year ago tomorrow, we posted – to little fanfare – our first post. Sure we had an ugly logo, ugly icon, and ugly skin – but we had a website.  We had a place to report on the news surrounding the development of Final Fantasy XIV.  We
17 Jan 2010

Aetheryte Radio 5: Beta and more!

On this episode we discuss the Distant Worlds premiere of Final Fantasy XIV music, as well as jump into some update news! Going over weapons for Gladiator and Pugilist disciplines leads to discussion on the possibility of PvP and arena based combat. We also take a look at the screen shots that were leaked onto
5 Nov 2009

Eorzeapedia Polls Are Now Open

With U.S. election day behind us, we have decided to open our polls and see what the community thinks about all things FFXIV-related.  So we will begin with the question of what race/gender you are planning on choosing.   For those that didn’t listen to Aetheryte Radio Episode 4: Lifestyle, there was a report about
15 Oct 2009

Aetheryte Radio 4: Lifestyle

On this episode of Aetheryte Radio we cover some post Tokyo Game Show interviews as well as jump into the latest update of the official Final Fantasy XIV website! We’re also excited to announce that we now have original music provided to us by DJPlaeskool! Corinth joins us this week and discusses the large number
6 Oct 2009

Aetheryte Radio 3: Tokyo Game Show 2009

On episode 3 of Aetheryte Radio we cover info released after Gamescom 2009 as well as the small amount of information released at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. More information about the Guildleve system is out, as well as new disciplines in the Armoury System! We get a look at some new monsters that adventurers
28 Aug 2009

Aetheryte Radio 2: Gamescom 2009

On episode 2 of Aetheryte Radio we cover Gamescom 2009! We talk about the playable alpha build of Final Fantasy XIV at the show, discuss the new action battle system and what we currently know about the Guildleve system. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their feedback on the