7 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 269: Hairstyle Design Contest 2023 Winners!

Are you feelin' fancy? We are! Join us for a for a leisurely perusal of the winners from the latest Hair Design Contest! Which do YOU think is the most beautimous?
7 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 268: The Firebird Theatre

Some fabulous reps from the Firebird Theatre join FusionX, Aldianaux, and Rook to share their adventures on the stage in FFXIV and talk about their upcoming show: A Starlight Story!
8 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 267: London FanFest 2023

Have you watched the streams from London, or even better, did yo get to go?! Whether you've already experienced the excitement, or you need to catch up, today's episode is for you, as the Aetheryte Radio crew recaps the London Fanfest 2023!
9 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 265: Patch 6.5 Hands-On

Patch 6.5, the conclusion of our Void journey(?) and a hot, divisive topic amongst the community! Which side will each of us fall on? Listen in to see if you agree!
9 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 264: Live Letter LXXIX

The Live Letter snuck up on us, how about you? Sit back and check out the things we knew were coming and the delightful surprises we came across!
9 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 263: 10th Anniversary Survey

Would you like to take a survey~? Cause we did! After the extensive news this week, Rook, Fusion, and Xenedra fill out the Realm Reborn 10th Anniversary Survey, and you can too!
9 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 262: A Realm Reborn’s 10th Anniversary

That's right, Yoshi-P, we're calling you out! It's only A Realm Reborn's 10th Anniversary— and we wanted to share our fond memories with you!♥
10 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 261: This! Was! FAN FEST!

Celebrate XIV Years of FFXIV Podcasting with us! It's our anniversary and we've returned from the oven-like landscape of Vegas with news on the (MAJOR) ups and downs of Fan Fest!
11 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 260: Fan Fest Predictions

It's the Fan Fest Count Down~♪ And we're here with our predictions on what we might see along with a little sum out of the latest game additions from Patch 6.5.
11 months ago

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 8: Pissed & Pissed

Our heroes return in our FFXIV themed D&D game! They're back to check on the local Grey Draco population for a worried researcher... Eventually- but before that, we need a proper dwarven send-off. A battle of Dwarf vs. Dwarf for the title of our favorite foulmouthed adventurer and beverage enthusiast!
12 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 259: Crystalline Conflict Regional Championship 2023 with Brian Ricardo

Today, the one and only Brian Ricardo joins Fusion, Aldianaux and Rook to give us the low down on the Crystalline Conflict Regional Championship and update us on the PvP scene in general!
12 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 258: Fan Fest Preparations

What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas as the whole crew rolls in to discuss the ins and outs of travel and convention-going there-in!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 257: State of the Game (Part 2)

At long last, we return to our discussion on the State of the Game, and Sly drops back in to help us finish it out! Once again, thanks to everyone who chimed in to help us get variant views from the community!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 256: Patch 6.4 Review

Patch 6.4 has landed and our opinions are… taking flight. From the sweaty scenes of the MSQ, to the state of recent gear sets, we'll give you our ready and raring to go ratings!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 255: Endwalker Endgame

Now that the last tier of Pandæmonium is out, it's time to talk about the End of Endwalker Endgame (EEE~!), how it and other endgame content compare to previous tiers, how Ultimates factor in, and much more!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 254: Cosplay with CrystAAHHL, Cobheran, and Kapalaka

Curious about cosplay? Well we just so happen to have a wonderfully talented line up of cosplay guests for you guys today! CrystAAHHL, Cobheran, and Kapalaka join Rook, Aldianaux, and Xenedra to share some tips, tricks and stories about cosplay!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 253: Live Letter LXXVI with Chilifarmer and Xyros

Chilifarmer and Xyros join Aldianaux and Fusion to break down all the goodies we have to look forward to from the latest Live Letter: 77!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 252: State of the Game

Sly and Alchamee join Aldianaux, Rook, and Xenedra to take a closer look at the current state of FFXIV. We've got some highs, we've got some lows, and we've got some opinions! But so do you guys! We asked you to weigh in with your thoughts and, girl, did you!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 251: Furnishing Design Contest Winners (Part 2)

It's time for finishing our furnishing journey! The Aetheryte Radio Crew takes a scrollin' stroll through the second half of the Design Contest entries! Congrats to all the winners!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 249: The Worst Expansion with Crev and DeeNugLife

Fusion and Rook are joined by Crev and Deenuglife to get down to the REAL TRUTH about a highly contested topic: IS Stormblood the worst expansion!? Which one is the best? Find out what they decide on today's episode of Aetheryte Radio!