22 Jul 2020

Review: Röki

There are lots of ways to do adventure games badly, but there are also lots of ways to do them right. Sometimes, it’s as simple as giving you a set of problems where the protagonist simply can’t overcome them with obvious physical force – such as, say, the protagonist being an average young girl who
21 Apr 2020

Review: The Flower Collectors

Alfred Hitchcock – one of the most famous film and TV directors of all time, whose influence on media can still be felt to this day, despite recent revelations of his history casting him in a controversial light. Despite his most famous works being produced in the 50s and 60s, people to this day still
7 Sep 2011

Preview: Another World 20th Anniversary Addition

Adventure games, in my opinion, never got the praise they deserved. I could rattle off a list of titles that really defined the genre, but Another World is the topic for today. Developers DotEmu and BulkyPix are bringing the game – “Remastered”, of course – to iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Re-live