3 weeks ago

Review: Riven [2024]

When talking about the most impactful video games of all time, it’s hard to understate the importance of 1993’s Myst. A seemingly simple-looking point-and-click adventure on the surface, the game went on to be the top selling PC game for nearly a decade, only being thrown off its throne by The Sims in 2000. The
2 months ago

Review: Read Only Memories: Neurodiver

Don’t look now, but it’s been quite a while since 2015’s 2064: Read Only Memories introduced us to the cyberpunk world of Neo San Francisco. While we covered the definitive Integral release a few years after its initial release, I don’t think anyone was expecting to have to wait for a proper follow-up for this
1 year ago

Review: Harmony: The Fall of Reverie

I am usually thrilled when I write a preview and get to review the full version of a game soon after. Especially when it’s a title I’m excited about. The things I hope to see and express disappointment with during my initial playthrough are things I sharply look for the second time around, and this
1 year ago

Review: A Space for the Unbound

I am in love with the fact that indie developers have begun to unabashedly explore stories that were not at all common 20 years ago. There is something so refreshing about seeing an obscure narrative come to life and I hope with all my heart this trend continues.
1 year ago

Review: Season: A letter to the future

There are two kinds of video games: Some emphasize the “game” part and are all about a thrilling challenge, novel mechanics, or otherwise giving you an experience that’s simply fun. Others are perhaps better described as interactive narratives, primarily about the story but presented in such a way that your own choices are pivotal to
1 year ago

Review: The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow [Switch]

There’s something to be said about the hook of a solid narrative, especially with the Telltale-led resurgence of the adventure game genre far in the distance. Aside from the impending release of The Wolf Among Us 2, some in the collective gaming community might hold the notion that adventure games in general have gone back
1 year ago

Review: Colossal Cave

The year was 1976. The first VHS cassettes and their accompanying VCRs were newly available for purchase, everyone was dancing the night away to their favorite disco tracks, and programmer William Crowther had finished developing Adventure (later Colossal Cave Adventure): one of the earliest text adventure games ever made. Crowther, an amateur cave explorer, based
14 Oct 2022

Review: Scorn

For those of us who stumbled across its initial pre-alpha footage all the way back in 2014, waiting for Scorn has been quite the test of patience. A first-person horror adventure game rooted heavily in the singular art styles of artists H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński was an immediately captivating prospect. The footage was replete
30 Jul 2022

Review: South of the Circle

I’m a sucker for a good narrative adventure game, especially if it has a compelling story to tell. However, not all games within this genre are created equal, and titles like South of the Circle make this quite clear. That isn’t to say I had a bad experience during my playthrough, but suffice it to
8 Jun 2022

Review: Card Shark

I’ve never been what one would call an avid card game player. Sure, I know which hands beat what in poker, I can count for blackjack, and I’ve bluffed my way through a game of sheepshead or two. But I have no idea if holding out for a flush is wise and I’ve never known
18 Oct 2021

Review: Inscryption

I’ve never really been much into tabletop card games. If you don’t count the couple years in college I lost my life to Magic: The Gathering, that is (and I don’t remember much of that time, considering that was right around when I turned 21…). Setting that specific time aside, tabletop card games just never
28 May 2021

Review: Sumire

While I am not an expert on the intricacies of game development, I have noticed that video games put out by indie developers tend to take some rather unique routes and even introduce new concepts. It is one of my favorite things about the genre because it truly feels like developers have been able to
3 Mar 2021

Preview: Read Only Memories: Neurodiver

If someone offered you the chance to change your memories, would you take it? Would you allow another person into your mind to clear up hazy memories, or perhaps bury ones you’d rather forget? What if it came with the risk of changing your personality or your sense of self completely? This seems to be
14 Feb 2021

Review: Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing

It’s safe to assume that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all pretty hard, especially when it comes to developing our relationships with other people. So imagine my surprise when I found out that the developers over at Serenity Forge had decided to make a game based on this exact premise.
15 Sep 2020

Review: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

I’m a huge fan of incredibly dense, complex stories. Ones that require active thinking from the reader to keep track of them, as they weave multiple narratives together. Ones that keep me thinking of them long after I’ve put down the book or controller, putting pieces of it together in my head.
28 Apr 2020

Hands-On: Paradise Killer

When I read the broad summary of Paradise Killer, I wasn’t actually sure what to expect from it. Having sat down and played the game for an hour as part of the LudoNarraCon online experience… I still don’t. This is not an accident.