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5 months ago

Review: Testament: The Order of High Human

Sometimes, a review opportunity presents itself that, despite my not having previously heard of the game, IP, or developer, makes me curious about it by its genre and description alone. After all, while I have reviewed titles from almost every genre over the years, I of course do have favorites. Today’s game, Testament, is one
31 May 2022

Review: Dwerve

What would happen if you took the tower defense and action-adventure genres and threw them into a blender? Games that try to meld two genres that don’t share a lot of overlap are often well-intentioned, but fall just short of the mark when it comes to utilizing both to reach new heights of gameplay. They
21 Jan 2021

Review: Ocean’s Heart

Their massive success over the years has made it difficult to call indie games niche, but they are certainly still playing catch-up to their AAA counterparts. Still, titles like Stardew Valley, Hades, Minecraft, have managed to thrive despite coming from smaller developers. What generally stood out about them was either their vibrant worlds, charming characters,