12 months ago

Review: Afterimage

When the term “Metroidvania” gets thrown around, the expectation of a quality title usually follows. It doesn’t matter if it’s an entry from its namesake or a well-loved and amazingly made entry from an indie developer. You really have to put your best foot forward. The amount of lofty expectations for this genre is a
22 Jul 2011

We Need More Of This: Retro TF2

Team Fortress 2 as a side-scrolling, beat-em-up arcade game. Yes, it looks awesome. And yes, it’s authentic. The title will be available for free on Steam (of course) by the end of the summer, or at least that’s the goal. It certainly has the feel of Double Dragon mixed with TMNT/X-Men style arcade classics. Great
19 Jun 2011

XBLA Update For The Week of June 15th (Highlights)

There were two big releases this week as far as the Xbox Live Arcade world goes, and the one that caught me off guard was The Adventures Of Shuggy. What is a Shuggy? Well, Shuggy is basically what happens after you mix Super Meat Boy, Bubble Bobble, and Super Mario into a blender full of