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1 year ago

King’s Bounty Revolutionized the Strategy RPG. King’s Bounty II Might Not.

XCOM. Wasteland. Hell, maybe even Fire Emblem. These strategy RPGs are some of the most recognizable in the genre, but it’s easy to forget their roots. This brings us to King’s Bounty, one of the first hex-based RPGs on the market when it first released in 1990, bringing the genre to the mainstream. Spawning the
31 Oct 2019

Quick-Look: Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

Do you like your stories dark? Not just your regular everyday darkness, but something so bleak and nihilistic that no glimmer of happiness can be found within? A world of horrors so, well, horrifying that the mere sight of them weakens your grasp on your own sanity?
18 Sep 2019

Review: Devil’s Hunt

What do you get when cross Devil May Cry and God of War and far less of a budget? That answer is Devil’s Hunt. Also, by crossing those games I just mean their ideas, not their scope nor their execution. It’s hard to blame them for using those games as inspiration.