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As of 11/17/2014 we’ve decided to terminate the current incarnation of our Supporter Program.  Thanks to all of the current Supporters – and check your emails for how to claim a Gamer Escape swag bag as a final thanks!   We’re going to reconsider the program and will (probably) be back with a new way to help the site with a program with some guaranteed loot for the participants.  Stay tuned…

Gamer Escape Needs Your Support!

While many sites offer exclusive content to those that help support the site, we’ve decided to go a slightly different route. Bonuses that supporters will get will be primarily cosmetic and will not allow them to access secret content hidden from public view. We believe that the information on Gamer Escape – whether via the blog, wiki, podcasts or other – should be available to everyone.  So with that in mind we have looked for a few ways to highlight and reward those that are supporting Gamer Escape.  We’re continuing to look for additional perks for supporters and will update this post when  we decide upon them, but for right now Supporters will:

(1) receive a special forum badge (example right);

(2) be highlighted on wiki recent edits and history lists;

(3) be listed on our Supporters Page (list updated manually); and

(4) be eligible for certain contests and giveaways exclusive to Supporters (make sure your email is up to date in your forum profile and that you are notified of PMs by email, so that you receive prompt notice of these contests).

There are two ways to become a Supporter.

Become a Supporter via wiki edits.

Make 500 edits to the wiki to get Supporter status.  You can check how many edits you have made on the FFXI Edit Count or FFXIV Edit Count pages.  If your total edits across our wikis  (exclusive of edits on user pages and spam or frivolous edits, determined solely in our discretion) is more than 500, submit your name for verification, and we’ll get the bonuses added. You’ll maintain that status for as long as you regularly edit the wikis. Fill out our Supporter Information form to get verified.

Become a Supporter via a monthly subscription or donation.

Any current monthly subscriber will get you our Supporter bonuses.

If you would rather make a one time donation, a minimum donation of $20 will get you Supporter status (every $20 donated will get a year of bonuses, i.e. donate $40 and get 2 years, $60 for 3 years, etc.).

After you subscribe or donate you will be taken to a form to fill out to claim your bonuses.


You can also support us by whitelisting our site on any of your ad blockers and by clicking an occasional ad here and there. This doesn’t get you the above bonuses, but every little bit helps!

Looking for more information on our traffic, ads, costs or expenses? Click here.

If you previously donated and didn’t fill out the form, just fill out the Supporter Information form.

Obviously, we make no representations about how long the website will last, what will happen in the future, or how long we will maintain the Supporter status and benefits. We reserve the right to change or discontinue the program at any time and for any reason. In the event of a full cancellation of the program, we will attempt to contact Supporters who made a multi-year donation in order to offer a refund of such donation for the portion for which there was no Supporter program.