30 Nov 2012

Nintendo’s Wii-Mini, Eh?

Nintendo subtly announced the launch of another new console recently, the Wii-Mini. The console, which will be available in Canada starting December 7th for $100, specializes in supporting Nintendo Wii titles; however, lacks an array of the important features included in the original Nintendo Wii. Backwards compatibility for GameCube titles,  and the ability to connect
28 Sep 2012

HITMAN: ABSOLUTION Contracts Playthrough

Earlier this month at PAX we got a look at Contracts mode in the upcoming HITMAN: ABSOLUTION. Today IO Interactive’s Tore Blystad and Travis Barbour give us a tour of the new contracts mode that everyone can watch!
24 Sep 2012

FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Poster Giveaway

At this year’s Penny Arcade Expo which took place just a few weeks ago, Square Enix held a special FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary event which featured playable versions of all of the main series entries to the franchise since it’s debut in 1987. All of the lucky fans that attended the event were given a
19 Sep 2012

Aetheryte Radio 40: Boom City

Hey everybody! We’re back from PAX where we managed to check out the presentation for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn at the special FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary event that they had! Since we didn’t see a lot of you there, we made sure to grab a video of it for all of you to
3 Sep 2012

Hitman: Absolution- Contracts Lets You Kill The Guy In the Crapper

Yesterday we had the chance to attend the Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Demo panel at PAX 2012! We got a look at the newly announced contracts mode which will give the players alternative targets to assasinate as they progress through the campaign. After you complete a section of the game, you then have the opportunity to go back
1 Sep 2012

New Screens And Artwork Show off Arcanist and Summoner

Fresh off the heels of the PAX presentation and the presentation at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event in Japan, we have some new screenshots and artwork! Oh, but what’s this? Arcanist and Summoner?
23 Aug 2012

Aetheryte Radio 39: Das Limit

Jump on your Goobbue and buckle up (do they even have seat belts?) We got Gamescom news coming straight out of Germany in the form of Screenshots and Artwork, a Producer Letter, and a write up from an FFXIV player that was there at the event and got to geek out to the gameplay presentation
25 Jul 2012

Fantastic Fraulein Mumor graces the Sunbreeze Festival with her presence once more!

My lovelies, how's life been treating you since we last met? Mumor is back to take the stage again. You can imagine that SSS preparations have been keeping her on her feet of late.After last year's fiasco where Mumor ended up missing her curtain call, ...
23 Jun 2012

FINAL FANTASY XI: Seekers of Adoulin

  Just announced at VanaFest 2012 is the 5th expansion pack for FINAL FANTASY XI, Seekers of Adoulin. Not much is known about this expansion at the moment, however the trailer shown at the event had a brand new map illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano as well as the mention of new jobs! Seekers of Adoulin
6 Apr 2012

[NA]FINAL FANTASY XIV Updated (Apr. 6)

FINAL FANTASY XIV was updated at the following time. [Date & Time] Apr.6, 2012 at 12:30 a.m. (PDT) [Affected Service] FINAL FANTASY XIV *...
4 Nov 2011

Symbols in Macro Names

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums:[dev1037] Symbols in Macro NamesProceed to the thread.
14 Oct 2010

Klisk at New York City Comic-con 2010 for Eorzeapedia

Ah – New York City Comic-con. The crowds, the cosplayers, the video games… But where’s the comics? Unfortunately, I didn’t see many, but right on the center of the show floor at the Javits Center in New York City was Square-Enix’s dual booths and in full effect. It’s a bit of a shame – None
23 Sep 2010

Sunflex Creating Final Fantasy XIV Computer Accessories

Today, Sunflex Europe announced a license agreement with Square Enix for PC accessories using the Final Fantasy XIV name in Europe and in North America. The first product to be rolled out from this agreement is a controller for the PC. The product has been shown this year at Gamescom and PAX. It sports a
16 Sep 2010

Aetheryte Radio News 1

Join Fusionx and Corinth for the very first episode of Aetheryte Radio news! Open beta ends September 19th! New Final Fantasy XIV Merchandise available at Tokyo Game Show Final Fantasy XIV coming to China Wrap up of the pre-launch party in Ebisu Besaid selected as unofficial role play server for FFXIV Interview with Yasu Kurosawa