Gamer Escape’s Review Scale

There has been a lot written about video game reviews and inflated scores. Why have a 10-point scale but ignore the majority of the values?

We at Gamer Escape believe that when using a scale of 1 to 10, every value should be equally available. Because of that, our scores may appear lower than you are used to or perhaps what you see elsewhere.

We want to do our part to reverse review inflation, but in a clear and consistent manner. To that end, below is our scale – which shows a basic description of what each of our scores means.

1The game is virtually unplayable, either due to technical issues or straight-up bad design.
2The game barely meets the standard of being called a “game.” The game works, but you really wish it didn’t.
3Significant and impossible-to-ignore issues are present throughout the game. Near-impossible to recommend to anyone.
4Game has issues affecting the gameplay, rendering the game generally not recommended even for hardcore fans of the genre.
5Middle of the road. Straight-up mediocre. Not a bad game, but not a good game.
6The game has noticeable issues that drag it down. Hardcore fans of the genre may find issues with it, but may nevertheless want to experience it.
7A solid game that, while it may put off some general gamers, is still highly recommended for fans of the genre.
8A stand-out title with a stumble or two. While perhaps not at the top of its genre, still highly recommended for general gamers.
9Near-perfect, albeit with a few minor issues. At the top of its genre and recommended for all gamers.
10Essentially a perfect game. Negatives are so minuscule as to be insignificant. Every gamer should experience the game.