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Aetheryte Radio   

Gather Together 

  • Episode 128 - Putting the D in Drama

    The Wolves' Den EU PvP Stream archive, "As Good As Gold" Screenshot Contest announced, FFXIV Companion arrives in July, we cover GamerEscape's E3 2018 interview with Yoshida and Soken, we discuss the Dengeki E3 interview with Yoshida, our thoughts on future Ultimate content in Stormblood, we cover an anonymous Reddit post about RMT and the selling of content runs, and Developer's Blog. Yelta and Rubicon host. […]

Limit Break Radio   

Maelstrom Radio   

  • Episode 85: EThree

    Shyn and Flattus talk about the FFXIV interview from E3! Ridehot Knights Of The Round EDM Mix Benjamin Antony James SewDough Blog: Email Address: [email protected] Twitter: @Maelstrom_Radio Facebook: […]


  • MogTalk: Episode 141 - Live Letter Discussion

    Guests: Larryzaur, Arthars, & Kionu Discussion: This week we go over the most recent live letter and the information it was able to provide us. From ultimate to the companion app, we covered all the important bits and pieces. ENJOYYYY […]

Moogle Go Round   


  • Starlight Special 2017 - "Revenge of the Chefsbane" Deleted Scenes, performed by Emi and Remix Sakura

    For the second year in a row, we are proud to bring our listeners a very special year-end treat! MuseCast XIV hosts Emi and Remix Sakura perform an all-original, voice-acted audio play, in the roles of Nanamo ul Namo and Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn. At the conclusion of the Level 50 Culinarian quest "Revenge of the Chefsbane," Lolorito has been thoroughly embarrassed in front of the Sultana and the Admiral both when his latest shady scheme is foiled. After he leaves the room (and Merlwyb promptly […]

Phoenix Down Radio   

  • Episode 73 – Ask Yoshi Anything!

    The full PDR Crew is back together again! We talk all about the info and interviews coming out of E3, Seyrr discusses the art of Thaumaturgy in the Lorebrarian’s corner, and Chille spent so much time in the Gold Saucer, he thinks he’s one of the Bunnies now! Enjoy! Show Notes: FFXIV Patch 4.3 Page: […]

She Heals I Tank  

  • Episode 128: Sober Pete Sucks

    Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 128 of the SHIT podcast. We had one call in this week for the community round up, be sure to join our discord, so you can call in to let us know your thoughts on what […]

Whispering Dawn   


    A Stage Reborn   

    BRB Time 


    Work To Game   


    The Crucible 


      Contacting the dead has long been a forbidden act. Yet even children have still done it for ages. We all know that if you use a specially-crafted board of eight ilms by twelve ilms that’s made from rosewood that’s been buried in grave dust for precisely four suns, four bells and four minutes, you can communicate with the dead. We all know that you need to inscribe across this board in ink that is comprised of no less than fifty-percent voidsent blood, or that you will need at least […]

    The Crystal Chronicle 

    The Crystal Chronicle, 43rd edition, was just released. This week, we’re finally covering the Glass Network, the new Magus Invitational Magic Tournament (will it take the place of the now defunct Runestone?) and we have a preview of the upcoming Eorzean Iron Chef competition.

    Echoes of Eorzea ( 

    • FFXIV Community Spotlight: Twitch Streamer Tuatime

      Welcome to the FFXIV Community Spotlight column! Today we talk to streamer Tua, primarily a Final Fantasy XIV streamer and Twitch partner from Finland. The post FFXIV Community Spotlight: Twitch Streamer Tuatime appeared first on […]




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