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Final Fantasy XIV Content Creators

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Aetheryte Radio   

  • Aetheryte Radio 183: Live Letter LXI

    The content train is back on schedule (kind of, mostly!) and the Aetheryte Radio crew is here to tell you what we can expect from Patch 5.4! The post Aetheryte Radio 183: Live Letter LXI appeared first on Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts.

Gather Together 

Maelstrom Radio   


  • MogTalk: Episode 208 - Mental Health in MMOs

    Guest(s): Spofie, Gouka, Dr Ryan Kelly This week we dive into Mental Health in MMOs. We tackle the pressures of politics affecting our mental health, in-game/out of game interactions, and more. It was a wonderful conversation and I gained a lot of insight into the topic. Information from Dr. Kelly: Discord: YouTube: g33kslikeus Twitter: DrRKelly Website: / Kit: Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at […]

Moogle Go Round   


  • Episode #039 - RP Combat Systems

    Nothing's more fun than beating on your enemies as well as your friends, and that’s why we have roleplay combat! In this episode, we discuss numerous different combat and sparring systems used in scenarios or at fight nights, from the simplest /random rolls to tabletop-inspired character sheets and modifier calculations. Whether you’re just getting started, or looking for new ideas to upgrade your current system, there’s something new to learn — no dice, pencil, or paper needed. If […]

Phoenix Down Radio   

  • Episode 133 – Those Who Talk Further!

    This week’s episode takes place live during Extra Life Game Day 2020! We are joined by friend of the show, and host of Playstation Unchained and Moogle-Go-Round Radio, Chille! As Final Fantasy VII was his first foray into the series, we felt it would be nostalgic to have him join us as we talk about … Continue reading "Episode 133 – Those Who Talk Further!"

She Heals I Tank  

  • FFXIV Podcast Episode 242: Apkallu Antics

    This week’s FFXIV Podcast: Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another FFXIV podcast episode of She Heals I Tank. We love seeing you. If you ever want to join us live, tune in each week Friday at 6:00pm PST at We’d love to hear from you about how you’re liking FFXIV.


A Stage Reborn   


Work To Game   


The Crucible 




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