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Aetheryte Radio   

Gather Together 

  • Episode 114 - I Have A Cunning Plan

    LIVE Letter 42, Eureka news, the Eorzea Symphony heads west, Duty Commenced Ep 20, The Wolves’ Den Episode 3, Developer’s Blog, housing drama, and fan tweets. Yelta and Rubicon host. […]

Limit Break Radio   

Maelstrom Radio   


  • MogTalk: Episode 136 - Interview w/ Wheelchair Emoji

    Guests: Wheelchair Emoji Team Discussion: We went over the experiences the team had while racing for first place in the 4.2 Sigmascape race. Also discussed the tier in general and their thoughts. Rating: 10/10! ENJOYYYY […]

Moogle Go Round   


  • Starlight Special 2017 - "Revenge of the Chefsbane" Deleted Scenes, performed by Emi and Remix Sakura

    For the second year in a row, we are proud to bring our listeners a very special year-end treat! MuseCast XIV hosts Emi and Remix Sakura perform an all-original, voice-acted audio play, in the roles of Nanamo ul Namo and Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn. At the conclusion of the Level 50 Culinarian quest "Revenge of the Chefsbane," Lolorito has been thoroughly embarrassed in front of the Sultana and the Admiral both when his latest shady scheme is foiled. After he leaves the room (and Merlwyb promptly […]

Phoenix Down Radio   

  • Episode 63 – Pitcher or Catcher?

    Warning – This is an FFXIV Patch 4.2 Spoilercast! We are joined by the amazing Vegan Pete and Avi Aiel from the She Heals I Tank ( podcast, and we discuss the story lines behind the Main Scenario Quests, The Four Lords, and Sigmascape in-depth. Things get interesting as we are visited by Drunken Pete […]

She Heals I Tank  

  • Episode 111: Patch 4.2 MSQ Wrap Up

    Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 111 of the SHIT podcast. This week is all about spoilers and wrapping up the patch 4.2 MSQ discussion. We also touch on the Ananta beast tribe quests, go over this weeks fashion report and much more. […]

Whispering Dawn   


    A Stage Reborn   

    BRB Time 


    Work To Game   


    The Crucible 


      Maids. They’re everywhere, now! And I’m not talking about the cheap, disposable workers every Ishgardian so-called “noble” keeps on hand by the dozen and churns through every week. That’s a common misconception, but that’s not what the word actually refers to. No, I’m talking about the fashion trend being stolen from Doman culture more and more with every passing minute.Doman girls are the ones who know how this works, they invented the maid […]

    The Crystal Chronicle 

    The Crystal Chronicle, 43rd edition, was just released. This week, we’re finally covering the Glass Network, the new Magus Invitational Magic Tournament (will it take the place of the now defunct Runestone?) and we have a preview of the upcoming Eorzean Iron Chef competition.

    Echoes of Eorzea ( 

    • Echoes of Eorzea: Valentione’s Day Part Two

      In this week's Echoes of Eorzea, Aeyvi continues with a look back at the story of FFXIV's Valentione's Day from 2015 to the present day. The post Echoes of Eorzea: Valentione’s Day Part Two appeared first on […]

    The Moogle Post 

    • Issue #24 – February 2018

      Valentione’s Day is here, and our February 2018 issue is filled with romance, and about our newest passion: gpose! But don’t worry – all the recurring content you know and love is here, too. Enjoy! Click on the cover below to enjoy the full issue! The post Issue #24 – February 2018 appeared first on The Moogle Post. […]



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