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Aetheryte Radio   

Gather Together 

  • Episode 168 - Saving the Planet

    FFXIV Eorzean Symphony ticket sales begin June 21, FFXIV at Japan Expo 2019, My New Viera and Hrothgar Twitter Screenshot Contest announced, Shadowbringers Launch Trailer, reminders about Score for a Cause and LIVE Letter 52, Developer's Blog, fan tweets, and fan comments. Yelta and Rubicon host. […]

Limit Break Radio   

  • Limit Break Radio: Reset - Episode 05 - The End

    Join Hosts Nika, Juxta, and Strife for the final episode of LBR:R, as they delve into Live Letter 51’s new information and job changes. Stay tuned until the end for a surprise appearance! […]

Maelstrom Radio   

  • Episode 106: Yeet Bullets

    Maelstrom Radio returns with Safe subbing in for Shyn. We talk Riot, FFXIV, and a great charity from the FFXIV players on Balmung!Music by: MDK Song Titles: Press Start & Azalea Buy the song here: Free Download:… —Watch live at Link to our team we are sponsoring! […]


  • MogTalk: Episode 169 - Live Letter 52 in Review

    Guests: Larryzaur, Drakanous, & Ashe10 *There were a handful of disconnects, tried to edit out the larger ones for quality of life* Discussion: We discuss the most recent live letter and some of the main points that stand out to us. We don't go over each detail, just what seems important. At the last part, we talk with Twitch chat about a variety of different topics, from flying in MMOs to casually fighting Ultimate. Was a great time, outside the disconnects! Rating: 10/10! ENJOYYYY […]

Moogle Go Round   

  • Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 63 – Uncensored Starlight

    Paul and Chille celebrate the holidays with special guests Flattuss from Maelstrom Radio, and Vegan Pete and Avi Aiel from She Heals I Tank. Spirits are high and flowing freely in this uncut and uncensored episode. Enjoy! […]


  • Episode #038 - Open-World RP Events

    There’s a whole great big world out there in Eorzea — so why not get out of your house (or apartment) and roleplay in it? As it turns out, sharing public spaces isn’t always as easy as just avoiding Shout chat. In our discussion of open-world RP events, we discuss the advantages and drawbacks versus housing areas, popular event locations, the etiquette between different chat modes, and what can happen when public RP events clash with the game’s general population. If […]

Phoenix Down Radio   

  • Episode 97 – Primal Desires

    Two weeks before the launch of Shadowbringers, Klauss, Seyrr, and Taliz talk about all the news from Live Letter 52. We also discuss the wealth of information that came from Square Enix’s presentation at E3 including all the new Final Fantasy VII news. In the Lorebrarian’s Corner, Seyrr’s discusses what it takes to bring forth … Continue reading "Episode 97 – Primal Desires" […]

She Heals I Tank  

  • Episode 174: Launch Trailer and PLL

    Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 174 of the SHIT podcast. Thank you to all of you that join us live and download the episode every week. We love seeing you all live, if you ever want to join us live tune in each […]


A Stage Reborn   

BRB Time 


Work To Game   


The Crucible 


    thecrucibleffxiv: In just under an hour 45 minutes, Saferoth will be reading Positive Ishgard Facts live on stream to support To Write Love On Her Arms, on behalf of the Ishgard Eyes team of Menphina Madness! One fact for every $10 donated! Thanks to a generous viewer, we’re already at $775! If you’d like to raise that number, you can donate on behalf of the Ishgard Eyes here: If you’d like to watch Saferoth read Positive Ishgard […]

Echoes of Eorzea ( 

  • Art of Eorzea: GPose Tips Without ReShade

    In this article, we give you 10 tips on how to create images using only the Group Pose tool without ReShade in Final Fantasy XIV. The post Art of Eorzea: GPose Tips Without ReShade appeared first on […]




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