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Aetheryte Radio   

Gather Together 

  • Episode 105 - Coil Unbound

    LIVE Letter Part 39 digest released, FFXI event is back, Patch 4.15 preview, Yoshida in Paris and a new interview, and Unbinding Coil Ultimate has been defeated. Yelta and Rubicon host. […]

Limit Break Radio   

  • Episode 136 - The Sound of Soken

    Soken recently did an interview about his history and work with Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIV, including how he came to possess the world record for most songs composed in an MMORPG. Yosheep also did an interview which was laden with hypocritical responses. The LBR crew breaks down both interviews. […]

Maelstrom Radio   


  • MogTalk: Episode 129 - #5150win

    Guests: 5150 Team & Arthars Discussion: Today we bring on team 5150! Arthars game on to help translate so we could discuss their recent overwhelming success on Twitch, their time in Ultimate, and overall experience over these last couple of weeks. Was a wonderful conversation, and even listening to their Japanese while waiting for it to be translated was enjoyable. Rating: 10/10! ENJOYYYY […]

Moogle Go Round   

  • Moogle-Go-Round Radio Episode 39 – Extra Spoiled

    The boys are back at it this week! Chille is absolutely wrecked after participating in Extra Life 2017 with the FFXIV Content Creators group, while Paul is extremely hyper. They discuss the 4.1 storyline, dungeon, and talk a bit about the recent world first and second clears of the Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)! […]


  • Episode #028 – Character Creation 102

    Last time we met with Ryssrael Klynbahrwyn of Gilgamesh, we helped him to begin his journey into the wondrous world of in-game roleplay. Now it’s time to follow up and recap the results! Join us as we compare the habits of the different server RP communities we’ve tried so far, point out what mature content you’re actually most likely to run into (hint: it’s not ERP), how both we and our characters change with experience, and the benefits of being a filthy RP casual. If […]

Phoenix Down Radio   

  • Episode 56 – All the Interviews!

    This week the Phoenix Down Radio cast talk about the numerous interviews released by the gaming media, including one from our very own Chille, who was ever so gracious in allowing us to submit a number of questions as well. To our surprise, Yoshida answered all of them! We go in-depth with the interview, […]

She Heals I Tank  

  • Episode 98: Interviews With Yoshi-P

    Hey all you SHITheads out there, welcome back to another episode of the SHIT podcast. This is episode 98 of the SHIT podcast and let me first apologize for being a day late. I was pretty under the weather and just couldn’t go yesterday. But I was feeling better today, thank you to everyone who […]

Whispering Dawn   


    A Stage Reborn   

    BRB Time 


    Work To Game   


    The Crucible 


      The common rabble are often demanding things they don’t deserve simply because they think they get to lay claim to anything they see and want. It’s a brutish mentality perfectly in keeping with their class. The latest demand of the peasantry is the most ridiculous yet, of course: so-called “Aethernet Neutrality”, an idea which isn’t even good in theory.As you’re likely aware, the use of the Aethernet network between cities has been subject to an […]

    The Crystal Chronicle 

    The Crystal Chronicle, 43rd edition, was just released. This week, we’re finally covering the Glass Network, the new Magus Invitational Magic Tournament (will it take the place of the now defunct Runestone?) and we have a preview of the upcoming Eorzean Iron Chef competition.

    Echoes of Eorzea ( 

    The Moogle Post 

    • Issue #21 – November 2017

      The November 2017 issue of The Moogle Post is here! This issue features a much-anticipated exclusive interview with FFXIV legend Xenosys Vex, an amazing Machinist guide by Onishi Hasegawa, and glamours, game advice, comics, cosplay, and all the usual greatness you expect from the TMP team! Click on the cover below to enjoy the full […] The post Issue #21 – November 2017 appeared first on The Moogle Post. […]



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