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11 Feb 2010

How would you like your news? Scrambled or sunny-side up?

By my count, we had four major official site updates in 2009 (August 6, October 7, November 11 and December 23).  Not surprisingly, the largest gap between updates was earliest, where 8 weeks went by without an update.  But – this was not 8 weeks without news, as Gamescom was nestled in the middle of
23 Dec 2009

Update on New Images

Another day another tidbit of news.  I could get used to this… First off, as we showed yesterday, there were a number of  new images leaked, one of which looked to be some additional backstory.  Well, a trusty forum member Kayne has come through for the community and translated the story. Overture It was approximately
22 Dec 2009

Analysis of New Character Creation Images

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or asleep) for the past 8 hours,  you know that there are some new leaked images out there showing the FFXIV character creation.   So here they are: But anyone can just upload images – let’s dig at least a little deeper shall we?
15 Dec 2009

Square Enix and Social Networks

So given our prior (and current) experience with Square Enix, we all know that getting information out of them can be difficult at times.  But SE has been making strides lately (or so it seems), and there seems to be a concerted effort to increase the developer’s visibility in the social networks.  The latest was
13 Dec 2009

Thoughts on Distant Worlds Chicago

December 12th, 2009. On that day, the world was changed forever. Or at least that was the feeling in the room as the Chicagoland Pops Orchestra and the Elmhurst College Concert Choir performed the premier of the new arrangement of Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI, as scenes from both FFVI and Dissidia were played
9 Oct 2009

Analysis of (and some speculation from) the Official Website Update

Now that we have all digested the new information released by Square Enix on Wednesday, it is about time we took a look at exactly what information was released – both explicitly and implicitly.  While some implications are obviously, some might be better labeled as speculation.  Remember, while SE loves lore, they are very strict
3 Sep 2009

Cartography 101: Eorzea

A lot of facts have been released about the land of Eorzea that we will all occupy in the near future, and while eventually we will almost certainly see some official images from Square Enix, right now the best we can do is piece together what we do know and engage in some Cartography 101. 
29 Aug 2009

A Closer Look At Guildleves

Every MMO game has a a variety of different content. Some is aimed at beginners, while some is designed for the most experienced of players. However apart from beginning and end game content, there are some parts of the game that are designed to be used by any player, no matter what their experience level.
24 Aug 2009

A Closer Look At The Alpha User Interface

Last week during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany we got our very first look at Final Fantasy XIV as Square Enix revealed a playable version of the game’s alpha build. During the event, several images were released showing off the new user interface. We’ve gone ahead and translated the images so that those of you who
16 Aug 2009

Speculation on Guildleves, Advancement and Gameplay

While the receipt of the information that was released over the last few weeks was greatly appreciated by all, the speculation about what it all means is perhaps even more interesting.  Methusaleh, one of our community members, has come up with a theory that ties together a lot of otherwise disjointed statements made by Squre