3 Jan 2012

The Decision To Subscribe

It’s no secret that FINAL FANTASY XIV wasn’t in the shape an MMO should be in when it launched. There was lag with the game’s menus, there was very little content to speak of, and many other aspects that turned players away. The outcry from the community on the state of the game was so
15 Jul 2011

Retro Moment: Let Us Revisit The XBAND!

For those not initiated: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XBAND The XBAND, an admittedly clunky device, was one of my first steps towards online gaming as a youngin’. It was tough choosing between the SNES and the Genesis version, but I ultimately went with Genesis since it supported more titles I was playing at the time. (Plus I preferred NBA
9 Jul 2011

Follow-Up Kliskpinion: What If It Isn’t A Kingdom Hearts MMO?

The main thing that makes a KH MMO a difficult sell is the fact that, well, let me sum it up: Disney. They’re not going to particularly want their characters on an ever evolving online world where their franchise(s) could, arguably, be slandered and graffiti’d by online hooligans. The ‘Disney Factor’ cannot be forgotten, and
5 Jul 2011

Why A Kingdom Hearts MMO Would Work

A few months ago, Square Enix let the cat out of the bag and told everybody that they were getting ready to reveal yet another MMO. An official announcement will be made before the end of this fiscal year (March 2012). Around the world you could hear thousands of gamers and fan boys alike saying
21 Jun 2011

Wii U, The Future, And Seriously?

I won’t go into Nintendo’s stock dropping soon after E3, nor will I deny the fact that Nintendo is at least trying to be hardcore. It is, however, a bit akin to the moment where you realize your best friend; The one whom has a huge legendary high school reputation for heroism and fearlessness, has
21 Feb 2011

Suggestion Box: The Linkshell

We looked at the emotional attachment to Eorzea in a prior suggestion box article, but there is another, perhaps equally, if not more, important aspect becoming emotionally tied to this game – attachments to other players.  And what better way to attach yourself to other players than by joining a linkshell.  The problem? Other than
18 Dec 2010

Suggestion Box: The Great Retainer Fix

With a new development team stepping in to fix/tweak/overhaul FFXIV, we here at Eorzeapedia want to help – and we’re inviting the community to help –  by picking something that needs fixing, and proposing a concrete solution.  Need help brainstorming?  Forum member Sorel has cataloged what Square Enix has already indicated is on their to-do
16 Nov 2010

Did the Extended Free Trial Hurt FFXIV? Answer: No

Thayos over at ZAM posted a well-reasoned editorial asking “Did the Extended Free Trial Hurt FFXIV?”  His conclusion (while hedging somewhat)  was that the extended free trial backfired because it allowed those players who don’t enjoy FFXIV to hang around longer and poison the community.  We’ve hung out with Thayos a few times now, and
23 Oct 2010

Market Ward Organization: Did It Help? Part 2

Last week, a version update brought with it changes to the Market Wards that intended to help alleviate some of the frustration of finding certain items. I looked at Limsa Lominsa’s Battlecraft Ward on Gysahl to see if/how the organization has helped. This week I go back into the Battlecraft ward to see if more
15 Oct 2010

Market Wards Organization: Did It Help? Part 1

This will be part one in a look to see just how much the recent organization of the market wards has helped players find the items they’re looking for. Something I’ve avoided trying to find up until this point is a new weapon for my Lancer. Earlier today, I logged onto Gysahl to try and
6 Oct 2010

Dude! Where’s My Auction House?

So, I’ve been trying to give things a chance, especially with the Market Wards.  Many things in FINAL FANTASY XIV were done right, or have a great foundation and starting point for great things to come. Market Wards is not one of them.  Simply put, entering a Market Ward is a nightmare.  It is impossible
25 Aug 2010

Tanaka: Foreign Sites Making Up Things About A System We Released No Information On

Hiromichi Tanaka, via his Twitter account, commented on foreign websites that have recently been talking about the Surplus EXP system (which is being called “fatigue” by many players). It appears that the Final Fantasy XIV Producer is upset that people are creating false statements about the experience penalties that players have been experiencing in phase
12 Aug 2010

Macros In Final Fantasy XIV

  Being a veteran player of Final Fantasy XI, I was interested in how macros would work in Final Fantasy XIV. After all, now there’s that nice shiny action bar at the bottom of the screen where we can set up all of our abilities. Do macros really have any purpose in Square Enix’s upcoming
1 Jul 2010

Clarifying in-game item confusion

The community has been a little confused about the news yesterday and the difference between what in-game items are included (or not included) in the Collector’s Edition and the standard edition. We shot Square Enix a quick email to help clear the air. To put it simply, the Collector’s Edition only comes with the Onion
16 Jun 2010

A Look At Beta Character Creation

Earlier we had a look at the new Beta user interface. Now we can check out some screen shots of the character customization that will be available in the beta client. It looks like there will be several options that players can choose from to create their character.
16 Jun 2010

A Look At The Beta User Interface

We had quite a lot of into on the site yesterday from E3 and no doubt we have lots of new information to put up today as well! Let’s take a look at some new screen shots showing Final Fantasy XIV in its beta form. Looking pretty good isn’t it? Lets take a closer look
16 Jun 2010

Disecting The E3 2010 Trailer

The trailer released yesterday has quite a bit packed into its three minutes. Now that we’ve had the time to watch it and re-watch it, let’s see what kind of things we’re able to pick out of it! First and foremost we get what appears to be the first in-game footage of Gridania– one of
16 Jun 2010

E3 Wrap-up (Day 1)

So day one (for us) of E3 is behind us – and given that the demo and interview are scheduled for tomorrow, today was something of a bonus day for us.  For those following our E3 tweets some, or most, of this might be repetitive, but here’s what we learned. Character Creation We didn’t get
10 Jun 2010

The Twelve… revealed!

With the release of the “Mission Impossible” video, Square Enix has also, presumably intentionally, also released information on almost all of The  Twelve.  Not only do we see their icons (left), but we get full descriptions of each – complete with elemental affinities, city-state affiliations, and relationships.  So for those not willing to go frame-by-frame
29 Apr 2010

An Analysis of Racial and Clan Distribution

Clan (Race) Votes Percentage Dunesfolk (Lalafell) 542 18% Midlanders (Hyur) 401 14% Keepers of the Moon (Miqo’te) 369 13% Seekers of the Sun (Miqo’te) 313 11% Highlanders (Hyur) 284 10% Wildwood (Elezen) 272 9% Duskwight (Elezen) 250 8% Sea Wolves (Roegadyn) 192 7% Plainsfolk (Lalafell) 178 6% Hellsguard (Roegadyn) 148 4% We’ve been running a