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14 May 2010

Slow News Day, E3 and Race Quiz

Well the news has been rather slow of late.  Based on various reports, the alpha test is proceeding.  We saw Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto discuss the state of affairs earlier in the month. More recently, there was an article stateside in Game Informer magazine, but there was no new information – rather
4 May 2010

Famitsu Developer Q/A from April 9th

Pop quiz! 1)  What’s the name of the server Final Fantasy XIV testers are currently playing on? 2)  How are FFXIV surnames and FFXI character names related? 3)  Can players level up in FFXIV? You don’t need to be an alpha tester to know the answer to these questions although knowing some Japanese would help.
2 May 2010

This Week in the Magazines: Famitsu Interviews Tanaka and Komoto

I’m back!  I’ve moved into a brand new apartment that is much nicer than my old place.  It’s also not flooded out and molding which is a plus.  Sadly, moving meant no Internet access for awhile.  I’ve been wondering about what’s been happening in the world of FFXIV and it seems like a ton of
26 Apr 2010

Famitsu: A Little Look at Limsa Lominsa

Famitsu released another look at the only available city during the current alpha test – Limsa Lominsa.  Again we have mostly images, and not a whole lot of really new content, but the eye-candy of this city is worth it!  Few notes before the images: The city is constructed on multiple levels.  This makes for
18 Apr 2010

4Gamer (again) comes through with new Lalafell images

For the Lalafell lovers out there, 4Gamer has posted a host of new images for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!
17 Apr 2010

Famitsu and 4Gamer take another look at alpha build

Over the past few days Famitsu and 4Gamer released new looks at the alpha build – and since both are still there, we’ll take a look at what they discussed.  Together the articles looked at the user interface, menu items, emotes,  trading and the leveling system.  Since they overlap in a of areas we’ll look
13 Apr 2010
0 reviews alpha test

Following the Famitsu and Dengeki articles regarding the alpha test/build, has come out with their own article which is a summary of sorts.  Not a whole lot new if you’ve been keeping up with the various leaks, but still a worthwhile look at what’s been revealed since the start of the alpha test.  We’re
12 Apr 2010

New Feature: Submit your own Op-Ed!

A community website is only as good as it’s community – and we know from experience that our community has a lot to say about FFXIV.  We also know that there are many ways for the community to interact and discuss FFXIV – and we’ve responded by opening up a wiki, forums, IRC chat, twitter,
9 Apr 2010

Famitsu and Dengeki Interviews Regarding Alpha

Two articles have recently surfaced in the Japanese Press over the last few days. Unfortunately our trusty translator Corinth is in the process of moving into a new apartment due to some unexpected issues regarding water. I worked a bit with Elmer from ZAM to clean up the images from the Famitsu article and as
5 Apr 2010

FFXIV Website Update Features Clan Information

A new update to the official Final Fantasy XIV website gives us information about the two clans affiliated with each of the races that players can choose to play as. Most of the information is stuff we’ve already heard about via translations, however there is an interesting mention of women where it describes the Sea
2 Apr 2010

Nvision Issue 4

There has been talk about this magazine roaming around various forums for quite awhile. I finally got the time needed to throw up some of the mentionables found in the Spring issue of Nvision magazine. It’s great to see some more coverage from North American publications! In this particular issue, Nvision gets a chance to
31 Mar 2010

Life in Eorzea #1 Translated

Curious what they are saying in the video?  The pictures are pretty self-explanatory but there is a bit of humor in the comments the SE staffers make.  If you want to find out, click to continue.  Video spoilers are included of course so if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch that first and then
31 Mar 2010

Official FFXIV YouTube Channel

Square Enix has opened an official YouTube Channel for FFXIV!  There is already one amazing video up with in-game footage you’ll want to check out right away.  It’s called Life in Eorzea #1.  Voiceovers are being done by SE staff members familiar to people who played FFXI or saw the recent VanaFest videos.  Hopefully we’ll
30 Mar 2010

Japanese official site update: new clan information

The official Japanese FFXIV site was updated recently and most notably we have some new information about the various clans of Eorzea.  As we have previously been told, each race will have two distinct clans which can be selected at the character creation stage.  Up until now we only had a limited amount of information
19 Mar 2010

Dengeki Games Vol. 7: Keep Your Name?!

Surprise!  While Weekly Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation are the two biggest sources of information we have for FFXIV when it comes to magazines, there are a few other publications out there that cover FFXIV as well.  It is rare to see additional articles so close to some major announcements, but Dengeki Games decided to give
17 Mar 2010

Beckett Massive Online Gamer Issue 24

When the community thinks of sources for the latest information on Square Enix titles, they typically turn to Japanese forums or Japanese magazines.  We may be seeing some forces at work trying to balance things out – or not.  The latest issue of Beckett Massive Online Gamer arrived at my door step today, and I
15 Mar 2010

March Dengeki PlayStation Q&A (Part I)

Did you enjoy all the new information this weekend?  We had an official NA and JP site update and people on the forums have been sifting through the information and finding all sorts of interesting things.  I know some people have been busy updating the wiki as well.  Starting it all off though was a
13 Mar 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Available to Preorder at GameStop!

Just a quick update (with thanks to community member zenshiro) to point out that GameStop is now accepting preorders for Final Fantasy XIV – PS3 Version and PC Version .  Same prices (for now) as Amazon, but for those that told us they were waiting on GameStop to add FFXIV to their listings, wait no
13 Mar 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Website Update!

We’ve been impatiently waiting for the update of the official Final Fantasy XIV website for North America ever since we received information about the newest Japanese Magazines, and even more so after the Japan site got their update a few days ago. Have no fear! The NA site is finally updated with new content including
12 Mar 2010

Famitsu Interview with Developers Okada, Sato, and Iwao

Another day, another article.  Today’s information is also courtesy of Famitsu.  Along with the developer comments they had for the various classes, they also had a short one page interview with the three developers.  Once again, let’s take a look at what Battle Director Atsushi Okada, Planner Sei Sato, and Planner Kenichi Iwao had to