13 Jul 2011

The Community Teams Interview Yoshida In Japan!

Youmukon and Rukkirii from the Community Team had some time during their recent trip to Japan to interview Naoki Yoshida! The interview asks some interesting personal questions as well as asks about the process of developing new content. Check out the full interview after the break!
11 Jul 2011

The July Version Update Hath Come!

While this latest version update may be small in size, it’s big on improvements, introducing multitudinous job adjustments, battle system refinements, and other revisions that upgrade the quality of Vana’dielian living! Teleport over to the forums to peruse the particulars before you download.
1 Jul 2011

Steam Summer Sale! It’s That Time Of The Year

It’s live! Once again it is time for you to wake up every morning in glee, wondering what hand-me-down games Steam will be providing up for sale at practically pennies on the dollar on your credit card! In other words, dirt cheap. So far I have picked up Bit.Trip Runner, but alas totally slept on
27 Jun 2011

4Gamer Interview- June 2011

4Gamer recently got the chance to sit down with Naoki Yoshida, Akihiko Matsui and Mitsutoshi Gondai to talk about the changes that have been made to Final Fantasy XIV and the kinds of reactions they’ve gotten from the community on the official forums. They also talk about some of the changes coming to the battle
21 Jun 2011

Wii U, The Future, And Seriously?

I won’t go into Nintendo’s stock dropping soon after E3, nor will I deny the fact that Nintendo is at least trying to be hardcore. It is, however, a bit akin to the moment where you realize your best friend; The one whom has a huge legendary high school reputation for heroism and fearlessness, has
20 Jun 2011

Phasing Out PlayOnline

What started out as an idea to bring media, gaming and social tools into one platform has since turned into something that Square Enix doesn’t want to have to deal with anymore. PlayOnline and its PlayOnline Viewer launched alongside Final Fantasy XI over nine years ago and the service had a lot of promise behind
17 Jun 2011

Win Some E3 Swag From Gamer Escape!

With most of our E3 write-ups complete, we thought we would close out our E3 coverage with a bang – or more precisely… a give-away!  We had a great time at E3 2011 this year and got to check out a lot of games that will be dropping over the next year or so, but
15 Jun 2011

Voidwatch Refinements

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums:[dev1019] Voidwatch RefinementsProceed to the thread.
14 Jun 2011

Star Trek (2012): Pre-Alpha Gameplay Demo

Hidden away between the massive 346,890 square foot South Hall and the colossal 210,685 square foot West Hall, is the rather modest and little known 26,342 square foot Concourse Hall.  While accessible to anyone, the Concourse Hall is filled with rather ordinary looking cubicles, and, from the outside, is the antithesis of the loud, flashy
14 Jun 2011

Letter from the Producer, XI

Hello again, all fans of FINAL FANTASY XIV! June has arrived at the speed of light, bringing with it warmer days. But outside isn’t the only place...
11 Jun 2011

Hands On With TERA

The MMO market is more saturated than it ever has been before.  It is an extremely competitive genre.  Many try and many fail.  We were lucky enough to demo a new title for the North American audience that has the potential to make it.  TERA is trying a different angle than the traditional MMOs.  En
8 Jun 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Adds Jumping, Puzzles And More

One of the titles Square Enix is showing off at E3 2011 is Final Fantasy XIII-2, a direct sequel to last year’s Final Fantasy XIII. The game can be demoed on the floor at this year’s event and we got a chance to sit down and see what improvements have been made since the last
8 Jun 2011
Hitman: Absolution - Featured

Hitman: Absolution – Bongs, Pigeons and Donuts

Gamer Escape was invited to see a pre-alpha build demo of Hitman: Absolution today at E3 – and after regaining our composure all we can say is “wow!”  Well – maybe we can say a bit more.  Agent 47 is of course back for this fifth installment in the Hitman series, set for release in
7 Jun 2011

Sony Unveils the Playstation Vita. No, it’s Not a Dietary Supplement.

Sony’s big announcement. Indeed, the PSVita. Featuring 2 analog sticks, a multi-touch screen, front and rear touch pads, front and rear cameras, and even Six Axis functionality… Well, I was expecting to need a mortgage for this device. Sony, however, seems to have actually developed this little monster in a competitive price point. Merging a
2 Jun 2011

The PlayStation Store Is Back!

The PlayStation Store is finally back online after what seems like ages! The content promised as part of the Welcome Back offering isn’t up quite yet but will be available soon. The next update for the PlayStation Store including PlayStation Plus will be this Friday, June 3rd. Check out the list of additions after the
29 May 2011

Battle system Q&A

A two-part Q&A has been posted on the Final Fantasy XIV forums covering the upcoming changes to the battle system. The posts originated in the Japanese section of the forums, however the questions answered are not region specific and were compiled from all parts of the community. Check out parts one and two of the
25 May 2011

Square Enix Revealing New MMO “Sometime This Year”

During a recent financial meeting, Square Enix President Yoichi Wada announced that the company is working on a big MMO in addition to the more recent Final Fantasy XIV. Wada stated “I think we will reveal it sometime this year”. Also mentioned in their financial report, Square Enix has plans to “Revitalize our major MMO
14 May 2011

PlayStation Network Coming Back Online Now

Following the release of Firmware v3.61 earlier this evening, the PlayStation Network is slowing but surely coming back online. For the time being, the services that will currently be accessible include: Sign in for PSN and Qriocity Online game play for PS3 and PSP Music Unlimited if you have a current subscription for PC and
11 May 2011

The 9th Annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign Arrives!

Only a paltry number of days remain until May 16, when we mark the 9th year since FINAL FANTASY XI launched and Vana'diel's golden age of adventure began.The realm has prospered for so long thanks to all you heroic adventurers, and as a small token of ...
10 May 2011

Announcing the Ninth Vana’versary Mog Bonanza!

We are proud to announce that FINAL FANTASY XI will be celebrating nine years of service with a commemorative installment of everyone's favorite festival of chance and fortune, the Mog Bonanza!This time around, we've prepared some exciting new prizes b...