3 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 281: Role Roadmap – Tanks

This week we're joined by Rin Karigani for the Tank episode of our pre-Dawntrail Role Roadmap series!
4 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 279: PAX 2024 Dawntrail Recap

Last weekend at PAX East, Yoshi-P gave a quick summary of the dev team's impression of how FFXIV's been doing over the past 10 years, then got down into the nitty-gritty with some new info from Dawntrail. And now... it's our turn! Join us as we recap!
4 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 278: A Classic Aetheryte Radio News Show!

The internet has been absolutely abuzz with FFXIV related news this past week! So we are looking beyond the lodestone and getting back to our roots with a Classic Aetheryte Radio News Show!
4 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 277: Role Roadmap – Healers

Pure healing to shield healing and everything in-between healing! Today we discuss the current state of healing Jobs in Endwalker and what we hope to see in Dawntrail.
5 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 276: Minion Lore

Some of the most interesting and wild game lore can be found hidden in the lines of minion descriptions. Join us as these tiny cuties blow our minds!
5 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 275: Encyclopaedia Eorzea III Revelations

Have you gotten your hands on a Lorebook Volume III yet? We managed to get our curious, lil fingers on one and we have perused the pristine pages to present you with some fun revelations that we found sprinkled throughout!
6 months ago

Aetheryte Radio 274: Tier List Extravaganza! Scions and Sinners Edition

Today Aldianaux, Rook, and Xen tackle tier lists for a surprisingly in-depth run down of the best (and worst) Scions and Villains FFXIV! Let us know what you think! Were we totally off?
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 245: Esprit with Ahro’zi Zhimsa

Fusion and Rook waltz their way into today's episode with Ahro'zi Zhimsa, the leader of the macro dance troupe, Esprit!
1 year ago

Aetheryte Radio 244: Deep Dungeon Done Quick with AngelusDemonus

AngelusDemonus joins the Aetheryte Radio crew to talk about Games Done Quick, Deep Dungeon, and what is next for this solo-style, speed run content!
5 Jan 2017

Lorecast 8: Tokyo Fan Fest 2016

During the Tokyo Fan Fest, Gamer Escape staffers Ritsku, Shishikura and Marko had a chance to sit down and chat with Koji Fox about the lore book, performing with the Primals, and sneak a few game related questions in. The interview (below) was transcribed and edited for ease of reading. Make sure to check out