26 Sep 2021

Aetheryte Radio 205: Tales from the Twilight

FusionX, Aldianaux, and Rook put on their storytelling pants today to regale you all with Tales from the Twilight!
20 Sep 2021

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVI Showcases Endwalker Job Adjustments

In the months leading up to a Final Fantasy XIV expansion, we will often see “the mother of all Live Letters”, the Mother Porxie if you will- a broadcast that goes on for hours upon hours while continuously flooding our brains with the exciting changes to our favorite jobs, as well as other changes that
19 Sep 2021

Aetheryte Radio 204: Live Letter LXVI

JOB CHANGES ON THE HORIZON! And the latest live letter gives us a tasty treat in the form of a delicious deluge of INFORMATION! Hold tight as we break down the adjustments (subject to change).
13 Sep 2021

Aetheryte Radio 203: Controller Mods

Super Louis 64 joins the Aetheryte Radio crew today to talk about his Yugioh duel disk controller for Astrologian, future projects, and SO much more!
23 Aug 2021

Aetheryte Radio First Edition Session 6: It Was an Accident

One-eye is forced to remember that he admitted he likes our heroes as he asks them to join his new adventurers' guild, name TBD.
16 Aug 2021

Aetheryte Radio 202: Oda Lore Bombs

Today we took a look at 4gamer's interview with FFXIV's lead story writer Banri Oda! They pulled a handful of questions from the community and we dive a little deeper into these great lore related inquiries!
26 Jul 2021

Aetheryte Radio 201: Lunarcon and Content Creation

Today the Aetheryte Radio crew is joined by not one, not two, but threee lovely guests! First up we have Shenpai and Crystaahhl to tell us about the exciting, upcoming online FFXIV convention: Lunarcon! Then our old friend Eskalia joins us for a discussion about the trials and tribulations of content creation! 🎮 Crystaahhl’s Twitch,
19 Jul 2021

Aetheryte Radio 200: EPISODE 200!

We made it to our 200th episode! Today we celebrate by bring on NINE of our friends from previous episodes! Each guest spins our wheel and answers the random questions that turn up. Then, at the end of their round, they ask our chat an FFXIV trivia question and the winners get a game time code!
27 Jun 2021

Lorecast 16: Patch 5.5 Part 3 (Zadnor)

Here we go, on the third and actually final Patch 5.5 Lorecast episode! The very generous Anonymoose joins Xenedra, Aldianaux, and Rook once more to take on the break down of lore from Zadnor.
14 Jun 2021

Lorecast 15: Patch 5.5 Part 2 (YoRHa)

Here we are with Part TWO of our Patch 5.5 discussion! Let us just start by saying we really thought we could fit both YoRHa and Zadnor lore into this second show, but… we were fools. Please forgive us and enjoy Moose's break down of the NieR franchise storylines as they relate to the story arc in FFXIV! We'll be back soon with an all Zadnor show!
6 Jun 2021

Lorecast 14: Patch 5.5 Part 1 (MSQ)

We're all back today with an exciting +1: the illustrious Anonymoose! You know what that means… It's LORECAST TIME! But, as you guys may have noticed, Patch 5.5 dropped A LOT of lore on us, so this week's podcast is just about the MSQ. We'll be back next week with Yorha and Zadnor lore!
31 May 2021

Aetheryte Radio 199: Patch 5.55 Hands-On

Patch 5.55 is here, and that's a wrap on the MSQ for Shadowbringers! But don't worry, this week's show is as spoiler free as it can be as we discuss initial feelings about the end of the Shadowbringers story, our time so far in Zadnor, and the other sprinkling of content we got from the patch.
23 May 2021

Aetheryte Radio 198: Fan Fest 2021 (Day 2)

You didn't think we'd only talk about the first day, did you!? We're back to bring you the details of the second day of the Fan Fest seen 'round the world!
17 May 2021

Aetheryte Radio 197: Fan Fest 2021 (Day 1)

After our joy and squealing during the keynote, we'll try and keep the excitement to a minimum for this episode of Aetheryte Radio. Just kidding! Join us as we go back over the first day of info from Fan Fest 2021!
26 Apr 2021

Aetheryte Radio 196: Patch 5.5 Review

The elusive FireMarth, Gamer Escape master reviewer extraordinaire, FINALLY joins the crew for, you'll never believe it, a REVIEW! We're here to give you our (sometimes savage) takes on FFXIV's latest patch, 5.5!
18 Apr 2021

Aetheryte Radio 195: Patch 5.5 Hands-On

Patch 5.5 is HERE and we've got our hands ALL over it! Join the Aetheryte Radio crew for a SPOILER FREE show on our initial impressions.
17 Apr 2021

FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach

The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach is the third 24-man raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It’s available at level 80 after finishing the quest Brave New World. It can be completed via the duty finder.
16 Apr 2021

FFXIV Shadowbringers Guide: Paglth’an

Paglth’an is a Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest dungeon. It’s available at level 80 as part of the quest The Flames of War. It can be completed via the duty finder and was part of the Patch 5.5 Expert Duty Roulette.
12 Apr 2021

Aetheryte Radio 194: Patch 5.5 Preliminary Notes

Patch 5.5's preliminary notes are OUT and the patch itself is almost upon us! Can't wait? Check out the notes with us!
5 Apr 2021

Aetheryte Radio 193: Live Letter LXIII

Patch 5.5 is so, SO close! Wondering what you can expect on that nearby horizon? Hang out with us as we go through the goodies!