21 Feb 2014

Try the MOBA that’s taking on League of Legends and DOTA 2 free next weekend

Looking for a new game to play next weekend? Heroes of Newerth developer S2 Games announced today that it will hold a free trial weekend beginning February 28 and running through March 2 for its upcoming free-to-play “next generation” MOBA Strife. You can sign up for the free weekend through Strife’s website, though you won’t be able to get
20 Feb 2014

Patch 2.16 Notes

Patch 2.16 is right around the corner, and the patch notes are now live. This update includes new achievement rewards, additions to the Duty Finder, and several system refinements originally scheduled for patch 2.2! Playable Content – Quests Alliance members will now be visible during the initial cutscene of the Labyrinth of the Ancients. Dhorme
19 Feb 2014

Square Enix Contemplates Final Fantasy on PC

Being a Final Fantasy fan and a PC gamer, it has always struck me as a tad odd that as popular as the franchise has become, it has never really seen any formal support for PC. With the exception of the MMORPGs FFXI and FFXIV, the only other games to be released for PC were
18 Feb 2014

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Now Available on Steam

There are lots of ways to get Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn; through your local retailer, through the Square Enix store, through Amazon. However, if you’re like me, you wish it was offered on Steam. Well now it is. Square Enix has just announced that its massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) FINAL FANTASY®
14 Feb 2014

Final Fantasy XV Japanese Trailer for the PS4 Reveals Gameplay, Setting and Characters

Square Enix has released a new trailer in Japan through the Playstation Japan YouTube channel featuring their latest title: Final Fantasy XV. Showcasing the setting, characters, and some fairly revealing gameplay on the PlayStation 4, even for those of us who don’t speak Japanese can get a pretty good sense of what’s to come. However,
14 Feb 2014

Hands On With Final Fantasy XIV On PlayStation 4

On August 27th, 2013, we saw the re-release of Final Fantasy XIV as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on both the PlayStation 3 and PC. And if you’ve ever had the chance to put the PS3 and PC versions of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn side-by-side you’ll notice that the PC version looks
12 Feb 2014

PS4 Media Tour Interview With Naoki Yoshida

It’s the year 2014, and as some of you out there already know by now – it’s the year for Final Fantasy XIV and the PlayStation 4. Square Enix, having just announced the release date of 4-14-2014 for the PS4 version of their popular MMORPG, invited Gamer Escape and others to a hands-on session for
6 Feb 2014

Final Fantasy VI Now Out For iOS

It’s been just under a month since we saw Final Fantasy VI come out for Android and that probably left a few of you wondering, “What about iOS?” Well, fear not, for if you were looking to buy the mobile version of this game for your favorite Apple device, it can now be found on
31 Jan 2014

Valentione’s Day is Just Around The Corner in FFXIV!

The air is sweet with the smell of confectionery delights, made sweeter still by the sight of young lovers seen in every corner Eorzea. The season of love is finally upon us—Valentione’s Day has made its return! Word has it that an Ishgardian noble accompanied by several retainers has arrived in Limsa to enliven this
28 Jan 2014

AbleGamers Foundation Name Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Most Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year

Gaming is fun. It’s an easy passtime to enjoy thing with lots of entertainment, intellectual, and social value – and it stands to reason that something like gaming should be accessible to all. That is what the AbleGamers Foundation is about – improving the overall quality of life for those with disabilities using video games
28 Jan 2014

Nvidia to Package Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with GTX 650s

Like many Final Fantasy games before it, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is absolutely stunning. From the grass to the trees to the sweeping vistas of vast oceans it’s no secret that the game is extremely pretty, especially on PC.  Suffice it to say its a game worth getting. However, there are some out
27 Jan 2014

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Launch Event & Gallery Exhibit Announced Showing At The Gallery Nucleus

In preparation for the North American launch of the HD Remaster for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, Square Enix has announced a special exhibit in conjunction with the Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles showcasing the remarkable art of Spira and the world of Final Fantasy X. Paying homage to the journey of Yuna
21 Jan 2014

Unsure about Lightning Returns? Well, Try Before Buying and get a DLC Outfit!

Final Fantasy XIII as a franchise title has been a bit dodgy. Despite the success of Lightning as a character, the games themselves aren’t exactly stellar. So if you’re one of those FF buffs who are skeptical about the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, that is not exactly hard to understand. However, Square
17 Jan 2014

There’s Golems in Those Hills!

Recent sightings of heretofore unseen varieties of golems have Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern beside itself with excitement. What minerals might be procured from these creatures, and what value might they hold for enterprising miners? Such are the questions put forward by Havak Alvak in the latest edition of the Mythril Eye. Event Schedule From
17 Jan 2014

Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, Shantotto Smells the Blood of an … Adventurer?

In recent days, phenomena not unlike those that presaged the Calamity have been reported in all corners of Eorzea. As if that weren’t enough, ill rumors speak of a towering shadow-clad figure who leaves this wanton destruction in its wake. Although the realm’s people grow fearful, the Raven shirks not from the truth, and Oliver
16 Jan 2014

Final Fantasy VI Now Out on Android

We’re all Final Fantasy fans here and, let’s be honest, there are a lot of Final Fantasy games spanning a long period of time. Over these past few years though, we’ve seen more than a few remasters and re-releases – including the announcement of Final Fantasy X and X-2 and the re-release of Final Fantasy
16 Jan 2014

Pink, Blue, Hotrod Red! New Screenshots for Lightning Returns Flaunts Color Wheel for Outfits, Battle, and More!

The North American version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is getting closer and closer and with that we get some new screenshots! This time we get a look at the Battle System, environment, menu and events. Among the screenshots we can see that Lightning’s outfits and their colors can be changed – just in
14 Jan 2014

Final Fantasy Tactics Designer Matsuno takes to Kickstarter for Newest Game

Kickstarter is extremely well known by now for being a way for small studios and game creators to get the money they need to make their game; whether that game is a remake, an indie game, or whatever. However, its not exactly known as a medium for games of the caliber of Final Fantasy: Tactics,
14 Jan 2014

After Meteor Soundtrack On Its Way? Might Be More Than 6 Hours Long

We haven’t seen much news on the After Meteor soundtrack and given how popular the Before Meteor release was for Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, it’s a bit of a surprise considering A Realm Reborn’s popularity. However, we at Gamer Escape have learned via Twitter that we may be seeing a release for the Final Fantasy
14 Jan 2014

Dragon Quest X Players to See FFXI and FFXIV Crossover Content

I rarely get jealous of games that are exclusive to Japan – mostly because there isn’t much I can do about it. However, as both a Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV player, its hard not to be jealous at Square Enix’s latest announcement for their Dragon Quest-based MMORPG. By now, you’re probably thinking,