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Aetheryte Radio – A Final Fantasy XIV Podcast

Aetheryte Radio is Gamer Escape’s weekly Final Fantasy XIV podcast!

First launched in 2009 after the initial announcement of Final Fantasy XIV, Aetheryte Radio is the longest running podcast focused on the critically acclaimed MMO from Square Enix.

You can watch the show live Saturdays at Noon PT over on our Twitch channel:

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Andrew "Fusionx" Copeland
Content and Podcast Producer
Michelle "Xenedra" Folts
Charles "Aldianaux" Harris
Host and DM
Megan "Rook" Byrd

Latest Episodes

  • Aetheryte Radio 268: The Firebird Theatre

    Aetheryte Radio 268: The Firebird Theatre

    Some fabulous reps from the Firebird Theatre join FusionX, Aldianaux, and Rook to share their adventures on the stage in FFXIV and talk about their upcoming show: A Starlight Story!

Aetheryte Radio: First Edition

Aetheryte Radio: First Edition is a DND campaign set in Final Fantasy XIV’s world of the First. Tune in as our newly formed group of adventurers embark on their journey after witnessing a mysterious star shower.

Latest Episodes