What's the Deal with Fishing in FFXIV?

7 Jun 2024

Have you ever wondered why there seem to be so much people with titles like “Big Fish” or “The Final Fish” that also happen to be sporting some shiny ultimate weapons? Or why a lot of people on Final Fantasy XIV-adjacent Discords, forums, or social media that seem to always make jokes about fishing being the true end-game content?

Before we get into the awesome parts of FFXIV’s fishing, let’s ground some expectations first. Unlike most of the other Disciple of Land or Disciple of Hand jobs, where everything is pretty interconnected and proficiency in each of those jobs directly helps you in another one of those jobs, the fishing job is relatively isolated. Outside of a couple of fish that are used in a handful of endgame meals, fishing is relatively isolated in its own world.

So, if you’re not really “punished” for ignoring fishing, why fish? Let me be your introductory guide.

There are so many different fish that can be collected in almost every body of water, sky, lava, or void in Final Fantasy XIV. Many of them require different baits, certain weather conditions, or intuition windows (triggered by catching other fish). You could treat this as an entirely blind discovery, but if you want to have some help, Discord communities, or resources like the fishing log at Gamer Escape can help you on your “catch them all” journey.

Final Fantasy XIV has some pretty diverse and beautiful landscapes. However, one of the more common criticisms is that there aren’t many in-game incentives for you to explore these overworlds. However, with fishing, you’ll be sent to so many different corners of almost every map. Fishing isn’t even limited to just bodies of water – lava pits, underwater, or even the skies of aerial maps like the Sea of Clouds are places you will visit on your fishing journey.

You can get a shark mount through ocean fishing, many cute minions, fish that can be shown of in housing (apartments or private estates) in water tanks or prints, shiny fishing rods, and titles like the coveted “Big Fish,” “World-class Troller,” “Squidzure Dragoon,” or “The Final Fish.” There’s a reason you see so many people with shiny ultimate weapons in the big cities or in your duty finder roulletes sport these titles – they’re some of the most prestigious collector titles you can sport in the game.

Due to the nature of fish windows (between needing to have the right weather, oftentimes other fish to trigger the fisher’s intuition needing to be there as well, etc.), especially for some of the rarer fish, you’ll almost always run into people at the watering holes. Especially because a lot of these fish windows are pretty infrequent, and not the longest of windows (ranging from only showing up once a day all the way to multiple weeks in between, with some windows lasting as short as ninety seconds), you’ll run into familiar faces all trying their hand at lady luck to collect the next rare fish.

You’ll meet all types of players, whether they are hardcore fishing-only enthusiasts, DoH/DoL enthusiasts, or raiders. The communities around FFXIV fishing are some of the most robust and friendly communities that are FFXIV adjacent. Fishing is one of the best times to show off glams and catch up with how people are doing while waiting for bites. It won’t require much of your time, but it’s just deep enough of a side activity to be engaging in the long run.

If your fisher job is at level 1, start at Limsa Lominsa. Outside of doing the job quests, ocean fishing is a super fast way to level up your fishing job, and ocean fishing leveling for fishing is probably the fastest leveling for any standard job in Final Fantasy XIV. Lulu’s Tools are great for ocean fishing, and the FFXIV fishing Discord is a fantastic and friendly one-stop shop not only for information for all things Final Fantasy XIV fishing related, but also a fantastic community to enjoy fishing alongside.

Now, this is a very short summary of fishing, but to find all things related to fishing, be sure to check out our Gamer Escape wikis and this wonderful community-created resource, A Fisher’s Guide to Eorzea.

I wish you the best on your fishing journey, and hope you’ll make many friends along the way.

All images are courtesy of Square Enix.