Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Q&A with Naoki Yoshida

6 Jun 2024

At the beginning of the Media Tour all attendees were invited to submit questions for a brief Q&A that would take place at the end of the day. Read on for the answers given to the fortunate few!

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Is it possible to have an official ranking system for achievement points added to either the game or the

Naoki Yoshida: So, question number 1. Looking at achievement ranking, hmm. From a technical standpoint, it is technically possible. But if we were to implement such a system, I feel like people who are going to be top in that rank will kind of stay at the top. What do you guys think? A person who has achieved– they’ve announced what they’ve accomplished over the years, and I think it’s quite a lot they were able to cover.

I think it’s worth looking into, so we’re gonna double check after we return to Japan and see how these achievement rankings, or like how many point people have and see if there is a sort of race that we can notice and if it is exciting content that we can probably show off, we might consider it. Thank you for your question.

Is there any chance we will see more PvP content that caters to pre-made light party groups for crystalline conflict? Such as official hosted events outside of Fanfest or systems implemented to encourage competitive light party play?

Naoki Yoshida: Just wanted to double check, when we’re referring to this aspect, are we implying that we want more team matches?

The Media Tour crowd confirms.

Again, from a technical standpoint, it’s not impossible, but then we are going to be making updates to PvP elements starting Patch 7.1. That includes the ranked matches as well, so that we can bring more excitement. There are several ideas that came up from the development team as well in terms of how we look at PvP and matching and team matching and things like that. If you could stand by for just a bit more, I think we’ll be revealing more information, later.

As for tournament and hosted events, we are still going to be doing China and Korea fan festivals and they are also doing Crystalline Conflict championship on their end as well, so once that has settled down, I think the teams can go back and discuss ideas of how we want to do future tournaments.

And it is a very interesting concept. Tournaments I’m sure they’re always fun, and now that we’ve got these different regional championships, it might be interesting to have those champions pitted against each other see how they would compete.

Are there any plans to unlock job restrictions on gear sets? You guys do a great job of giving us a variety of gear styles, but not everything is always going to please everyone, and sometimes players might see gear for a different job’s gearset that they’d prefer from any given content. Might the idea of unlocking non-AF gear ever be considered at this stage in the game?

Naoki Yoshida: Again, from a technical standpoint, it’s not impossible to do. But that said, looking at the jobs that are available throughout the final fantasy series, it would feel awkward say if a Black Mage jumped into an instanced dungeon with full plate armor. I think we want to maintain the image that we’ve depicted through these different jobs that are available in the series.

That said, Final Fantasy XIV has been around for 10+ years at this point now and we understand that glamour and having different gearsets in terms of appearance, cosmetic elements, is a big part of players’ play style, and we totally understand that. So, there have been, in passing, conversations that would be brought up amongst even the team mates saying, “Should we consider opening it up?” “When should we do that?” Of course it’s still not anything that’s set in stone, but we do want to look to having more freedom for our players for sure.

What does it mean to focus on MMO style content this expansion? Is that more experimental? Or a return to things like Bozja?

Naoki Yoshida: For this we’re looking to the next two expansions, where we’re sort of bolstering our multiplayer elements. And one of the elements, and we made an announcement for this, but we are looking to develop a large-scale, field exploration type content. Something along the veins of Eureka or The Bozjan Southern Front. So once information becomes available for us to disclose, I would like to take an opportunity in a future live letter to introduce the theme and some of the content that may be available in the area. It is a large-scale project that we’re taking on here, so once we’re able to tell you more about it, we’ll make sure to do so.

The Ishgardian Restoration was very successful in terms of interest and bringing crafters and gatherers together for content. Will there be a Garlemald Restoration to do the same?

Naoki Yoshida: In terms of the sort of lifestyle content, we’ve already mentioned this in our announcements, but throughout the patch 7.x series, we’ll be introducing Cosmic Exploration where our disciples of the land and hand will be participating in large groups to accomplish certain goals. And we’re going out there into space and we’re going to be developing out in the fields.

With this, you may recall Ishgardian Restoration led to changed in the scenery, you’re restoring the area and then it led to opening a new housing area. We don’t want something that’s exactly the same of course, but I think we do want to have content where all of our players can participate and then you’ll see visually the changes that you’ll be making through the content that you will take on. And then we also are simultaneously thinking of players that may not be able to participate in real-time and have content available for them to kind of simulate a similar kind of experience if anybody happens to miss out on that.

The update to the blacklist system was an unexpected and incredible change, but I also wanted to ask if you had any intentions on updating other social aspects of the game, mainly the friend system in the future?

Naoki Yoshida: First and foremost, thank you so much for the comment on the updates to the blacklist system.

With these updates that we’re making to the blacklist function, we understand that with a community that has grown to the size it has, there may be some issues that players may face with other players. So at first we’re trying to address the parts where players can protect themselves, or have a means to protect themselves. We have his updated, so we’ll also be now looking at going into making necessary adjustments for the friend list as well.

That also goes for our Mentor system, as well. We do need to revisit that system and make sure that we’re addressing any issues that we’re seeing there, so you can expect a significant update to that system soon, as well.

(For more details on the new black list, mute list, term filter list, check out our Dawntrail Media Tour Overview.)

The official Q&A ended and Yoshida-san had a question for us:

So I believe those are all the questions that we have compiled that we received from you all. But I want to ask you all a question. So this morning when we made our presentation, we asked to make sure that you check out the title screen of Dawntrail to see if it’s too bright or not. So I would like to gauge the feedback here, so please answer honestly. Can I see a show of hands if you felt like the screen was too bright. (He counts 9.) If seems like a third of us felt like it was way too bright, like unbearably bright.

The crowd explains that the title screen itself is fine, but that the flash of light right as it comes on screen is what’s too bright.

I see, so it’s the flash that happens before the big entrance. Yeah, the image was your have this foggy scene, and then you open up to this port and the beautiful scenery is reflected there, but if it’s too bright maybe we can change the climate to be more overcast, maybe that might help with the brightness. (laughing) We really don’t want to flash people every time they try to log on to Dawntrail.

Yoshida and Foxclon will be traveling to Europe, to Germany, Berlin actually to do our Europe leg of the Media Tour, so we’re also going to ask the same question to the European media and content creators to see what their feedback is too. So, thank you so much for your feedback, we’re going to take everything into consideration and make final adjustments. Thank you!