Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Media Tour Overview

6 Jun 2024

Last month, we were very generously invited to experience and explore a preview build of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail. Now it’s our privilege to share with you everything we’ve been able to learn and compile! In this overview, we’ve included some info on the graphical update, the Action Change menu, the Mute List, and the Term Filter List. Below you’ll also find links to each of our articles, including a brief Q&A, a run-down of changes to each job, a preview of the areas we were able to delve into, a quick look at the new, two-channel dye system, and a literal taste of what we were able to experience while on location.

Spoilers abound, so be careful as you peruse! And if you’d rather wait to see what Tural has to offer, remember that Dawntrail officially launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Mac, Windows and Steam on July 2, 2024, with early access via pre-order going live June 28th.

These following articles are based on play of an in-development build of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, and content in the final version is subject to change.

Our Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Media Tour Coverage

Job Analysis

In addition to reading our analysis pieces on each job, you will also be able to view the tooltip changes from the preview build in our wiki. Simply go to the Job page of your preference, and click on the Dawntrail tab!

Dark KnightAstrologianBlack MageBardDragoon
GunbreakerScholarRed MageDancerMonk
PaladinWhite MageSummonerMachinistNinja

Media Tour Presentation

We started the day in a venue that had to be hand-chosen for its Mesoamerican vibe. The team behind setting up this event very clearly care about the game they represent and wanted to give us the best experience possible, whether it was through the attention to detail they put into the décor, or how attentive they were in helping us pick our ways through Dawntrail and all it had to offer. Even the catering was chosen with the game’s themes in mind, but more on that later.

Prior to our hands-on time we were given a brief presentation, which was mostly a reminder of the leaps and strides that Final Fantasy XIV has made over the years. The two of us that raised our hands when asked if we’d been playing since 1.0 certainly remember! Yoshida-san then asked a favor of us: there had been feedback from the community that the start menu was entirely too bright, so he asked us to check it out. We’ll give you the answer to that in the Q&A!

As you might imagine, we started our tour by getting a screenshot of every single tooltip because we know you guys love putting together how your jobs are going to work! Once that very important task was complete, though, it was time to check out the other juicy tidbits awaiting discovery.

Graphical Update

While wandering the wilds there were numerous times where a simple texture was enough to grab one’s attention. We’ve been hearing about the graphical update for a while and seeing a few changes here and there, but actually having a look at the improvements in all their not-even-quite-finished glory was very promising! Have you ever seen a rock face look so realistic? A plant look so… stabbingly dangerous…?

Action Change Menu

This convenient new feature was mentioned recently in a Producer Letter Live, but left us speculating how exactly it would work. We can tell you now, with certainty, that the Action Change option does not link your basic “1, 2, 3” rotation. Instead, it links certain abilities that naturally flow into, and often require, one another anyway, and temporarily replaces them on your hotbar. It’s meant to both assist in the flow of executing certain actions, and help clean up button bloat on our hotbars. If for whatever reason, though, you prefer your buttons to be spread out, you can still unlink them.

As shown below, each ability that can be linked in this fashion (and probably will be linked this way by default), has a button under its icon that will open a secondary menu. The menu shows you what the actions linked are, and gives you the open to link or unlink them. If you’re just curious what the action change is, or need a reminder, hovering over the action icon will show you as well.

Black List, Mute List, and Term Filter List

And finally, the unexpected quality of life update no one saw coming! With the release of Dawntrail, you’ll find a few new buttons on your Main Commands menu: the Mute List and the Term Filter. Just to recap what we already knew, the Mute List will take the functional place of the old Black List, blocking messages from players you don’t wish to interact with. The Black List will now take this a step further, hiding character models and preventing any character on a players account from contacting you. The Mute List menu is very much what we’re used to and can house up to 200 players.

The Term Filter List appears to be limited to 10 terms, but do keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress build and they might add more slots, especially if players speak up about them. The cog menu gives you two filter options. The first option lets you see which term has been blocked via the number you’ve assigned it, which could be helpful if you’d like to know what specific horrible things a person is saying without having to see it so you know why you’re avoiding them. The second option lets you hide the full message that contains the blocked word instead of just the term.

Further updates to the Friend List and various, related game functions are planned for the future, as mentioned in the Q&A.

Special thanks to our Media Tour team:
Ferthi Akaiito

Michelle “Xenedra” Folts
Charles “Aldianaux” Harris
Andrew “Fusionx” Copeland

Square Enix provided travel and accommodations for this event.