Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Hands-On with Sage

6 Jun 2024

Last month we had a chance to play a preview build of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail as part of the North American Media Tour. During our hands-on time, we were able to experience many of the Job changes that are in the works. For the Jobs that we weren’t able to personally get hands-on with, we still had an opportunity to look into the changes that will be coming when Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail arrives on July 2 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Mac, Windows, and Steam.

You can see all of the Sage changes, along with our thoughts below. Additionally, you can view the upcoming changes on our wiki by clicking on the Dawntrail tab on the Sage Job page.

You can also find more coverage of the Dawntrail Media Tour here.

This article is based on play of an in-development build of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, and content in the final version is subject to change.

Sages! Welcome to your first set of Expansion changes. Nothing here is groundbreaking, but from this we can see what the developers think is missing from your kit. So, you’ll see a focus on Kardia like effects and some nice new damage options to make sure you’re pumping out those Kardia heals.

The cooldown of Soteria has been reduced to 60 seconds from 90. I’m not sure if this jives with your new capstone ability, but we’ll discuss that later. Your new AoE DoT Eukrasian Dyskrasia is accessible at level 82, so you’ll have it going into the expansion. It is a moderate potency DoT that will trigger the normal Kardion heal on your target. Just like all Eukrasian spells, you’ll cast it by using the same keybind as a non-Eukrasian spell- This one is from Dyskrasia II. I’ve always thought this system is an example of good button consolidation.

Psyche is your first Dawntrail ability, an AoE oGCD with a 60 second recast that does as much damage as Phlegma. Whoa, hold on, is this another new DPS button? Wow. It is nice to see a new oGCD to get in during buffs. The 60 second recast is nice when other healers have 120 second recasts (functionally) on their new DPS spells and abilities. Swiftcast has its’ cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 40 seconds at level 94. That’s cool, more uses is more better. At level 96, Eukrasian Prognosis gets a straight-up upgrade to Eukrasian Prognosis II. The potency hasn’t changed, but the multiplier on the amount of shield granted has been boosted by a moderate amount. Next, Physis II receives a buff at level 98 through a trait that extends its’ healing boost effect from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. That’s not nothing, especially when it applies to all healing done by spells and oGCD abilities.

Your capstone ability Philosophia is a party wide Kardia effect, named Eudaimonia, for 20 seconds with a 180 second cooldown. Along with that, it also increases healing magic potency by 20% for that duration. That’s a big boost even without Eudaimonia. The effect is slightly weaker than Kardia, healing a little less with each tick. The tooltip is a little weird, but this should heal when Kardia would tick, and maybe in addition to the Kardia that you have out already.  You’d think that the Soteria cooldown change might tie in here, but… The Eudaimonia effect is not listed by name in the tooltip for Soteria, so I’m not sure if you can boost this healing with it. I hope that this isn’t the case, but then again, that might be too insane when it is on every party member. Either way, this will buff shields with the potency increase and have some nice pure AoE healing when you absolutely need it.

Sage was undoubtedly in a good spot leaving the Endwalker era, and nothing major looks to have changed. You’ve got a mix of healing and DPS enhancements making up a nice set of new toys. Just try not to lord your extra DPS button over the Scholars, OK?

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