Exploring the Areas of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

6 Jun 2024

Last month, we were invited to go hands-on with a preview build of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail during the North American Media Tour! Once they let us loose to explore, we were able to wind our way through the fabled (at least to us, for now) city of Tuliyollal, and then out into the two field areas: Kozama’uka and Urqopacha.

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This article is based on play of an in-development build of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, and content in the final version is subject to change.


After sitting down at our station, we blinked into existence in the aetheryte plaza of Tuliyollal, nestled safely in a nook between buildings not too far off from the docks— docks loaded boxes and crates, just as promised with the graphical update! All along the tan-bricked waterside is a sprawling market covered in red and orange awnings with pops of decorative teal, and a thousand little hanging lanterns lighting the paths.

As you move further inland, the red tents become sanguine shingled homes and businesses and atop it all on The Arterial Rise is the golden-crested palace. To the west are the Alpaca Stables, with their adorable, fluffy residents, and slightly north of that, we see a somewhat familiar mode of transportation at the Dirigible Landing. Off to the east is a much more structured area, Copperstone, which comes across as someplace akin to a barracks or training grounds, especially with the sparring going on just to one side of the plaza.


Kozama’uka is beyond lush, with one entire side of the valley swathed in rushing waterfalls. Up on the cliffs nearest the falls, the green trees of the lower valley give way to leaves of yellow, orange, purple and even blue. The bright splashes of color, along with the craggy cascades, give the area a unique appearance, but almost make it look like it’s a bit…stuck? As if the area is unable to decide on a season.

Scattered amongst the striking foliage are ruins comprised of gray brick and timber. Near those is a small settlement, Earthenshire, possibly a home for the Moblins that we know will be in this zone. This small settlement is encompassed by a wall that, oddly enough, looks like a cracked robin’s egg in both shape and color. Down below the second tier of falls, a people similar to the Vanu Vanu make their home. These bird-like people sport colors similar to those of a parrot, very fitting for the jungle. They have structures built in, and around, the rivers and lakes that are scattered around this zone. We also came across a dock with a familiar looking mode of transportation. Make sure to check out our write-up on the first Dawntrail dungeon for more of that.


Leaving Kozama’uka, you climb up into the mountains to reach Urqopacha and find a significantly rockier clime, its taller peaks snowcapped. In some places, firely, lava like lines run across the rocky surfaces, almost clawmark-like in appearance. The same ruined buildings that we saw back in Kozama’uka can also be seen in this zone, though in greater number and far less disrepair. In fact, the Yok Huy (giants, or trolls if you played Final Fantasy XI) can be found here amongst the intricately carved stones. To the north, the Pelupelu live in low, thatched buildings and yurts amongst their various farms and ranches. Above it all, the beautiful crag of Worqor Zormor stands vigil.