Aetheryte Radio 286: Gamer Escape Wiki How-to

25 May 2024

With Dawntrail on the horizon, Gamer Escape’s wiki is due for a big update! Today we’ll talk about how you can navigate the wiki for helpful hints, as well as contribute your own!

0:00 Introduction
2:40 News
4:47 Wiki START!
8:18 What’s in the wiki
15:42 Main Page Widgets and Categories
17:38 The Search Bar and What You Can Find on Item Pages
20:00 Feedback!
22:42 Examples of Edits – Blade of Valor
27:55 A Brief Storytime! Why Neverreap is the Best and the Worst
29:58 Dungeon and Area Page Contents, Including Orchestrion Info!
36:32 Example Edit 2, Including Automated Page Creation via the Template Tutorial – Neverreap
51:08 Page Structure and How Pages Pull Info From Other Pages – Shop example
59:42 Categories and How to Use Them to Find What You’re Looking For
1:06:09 What NOT to Touch and NPC Pages
1:20:14 Editing Guide and Template Tutorial
1:29:34 Relative Editing Difficulty Rankings and How to Navigate Difficult Edits
1:36:49 What Does the Wiki Need? How Can You Help?
1:42:30 Reward!?
1:49:54 Contacts

Contact Ferthi and the rest of the GE wiki team for help on our discord.

Watch live on Saturdays at noon PST.