Letter From the Producer Live LXXX Shows Benchmark Trailer and Event Schedule

13 Apr 2024

During the special ten year anniversary 14 hour livestream, producer and director Naoki Yoshida gave us another update on the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, more details on the graphical update, as well as new quality of life changes coming in patch 7.0. But before he went into any details, the 80. Live Letter started of showing the Benchmark Trailer for Dawntrail. Players will be able to test if their PC is still ready for the upcoming expansion tomorrow, when the new Benchmark releases right at midnight Pacific Time.

Once Yoshida went over the benchmark, it was time for an extensive look at the graphical update with an extensive gameplay demo showing off both old dungeons and zones as well as a look at Tuliyollal and more. You can watch the more than 60 minute part of the stream vod here.

The next part of the Live Letter was fully dedicated to updates and Quality-of-Life changes coming with Dawntrail starting with improvements to the blacklist system. While the new changes won’t stop blocked people from appearing in your Duty Roulettes, it will severely limit how you will have to interface them in non-instanced content. The game will no longer display the blocked player and you won’t see any of their messages or emotes.

In addition to that, the game will also allow for a separate Mute List that will still display the other player characters but block all communication from reaching you and a Term List that allows players to directly filter specific words from appearing in your chat. Options for better Lodestone privacy settings as well as a way for expelling other players from your in-game houses.

The next part of the Live Letter was dedicated to the numerous events that are either already going on or will be running before Dawntrail launches. Apart from the still running Final Fantasy XVI crossover event, both the Yo-kai Watch and Dragon Quest X even will soon return. For a full overview of everything coming to Final Fantasy XIV in the next month, have a look at the even calendar down below:

The Live Letter concluded with interesting facts and numbers around Final Fantasy XIV and the results from a recent survey, as well as an overview of new merchandise and real life events.

Later today, we will be discussing the Live Letter as well as other infos that came out during the entire 14 hour livestream in Aetheryte Radio. Head over to our Twitch channel to listen in and discuss with us!

All images are courtesy of Square Enix.