Slay the Spire 2 Announced

11 Apr 2024

The much anticipated sequel to Slay the Spire was just announced by team Mega Crit, with the last major communication being about the sequel title no longer being developed in Unity after the controversy surrounding the engine’s monetization shift. We have since learned that the game will be developed and released on the open-source engine Godot.

On the vein of “what’s new” for the sequel, a couple of features can be spotted in the release trailer video, and promotional materials. A new playable character, “The Necrobinder,” was showcased.

Mega Crit also announced that the game will have “new enemies, events, and treasures” with a couple of new enemies showcased on promotional materials.

And while the game will sport a new engine and some new features, per the promotional materials, a lot of features from the beloved original title seem to be here to stay, at least per the current developmental builds.

Familiar relics, like the ring of the snake, snecko eye, pen nib, burning blood, bird-faced urn, and vajra have been spotted on the promotional materials. The placement of features in the UI seems to be mostly identical, with energy, floor level, potions, gold, hitpoints, remaining deck and discard pile all seemingly going to carry over from the original title. “The Ironclad” and “The Silent” also look to be making a return in the new title.

Per steam activity charts and sales numbers, Slay the Spire was the trailblazer for the roguelike deck-building genre in the gaming mainstream, so it will be interesting to see if they can replicate the original’s success in the sequel. The game’s early access will be in 2025, with a full release date yet to be announced, so if you haven’t already tried the original title, you can pick it up on Steam here for 75% off until April 14th 2024.

All images and video courtesy of Mega Crit