Azur Lane Developers Announce New Title "Azur Promilia"

23 Mar 2024

Manjuu, the developers behind Azur Lane, have released promotional materials for their new open world RPG title, Azur Promilia.

From just from a quick glance at the promotional materials, the art direction is very heavily inspired by Genshin Impact’s artistic styling, not only in the character and mob designs, but also in the overworld design, drawing parallels to Genshin Impact’s Mondstadt and Fontaine regions.

In terms of the gameplay demonstration, we see the multiple-character team, one character on the field at a time core gameplay loop that we’ve seen in Genshin Impact. Although we do not know too many details at this time, a pet system is pretty prominently featured, and the title is labeled by Manjuu as a “creature companionship fantasy world RPG.”

Four playable characters, four “kibo” pets, and three boss enemies can be seen on the website, alongside “Southern Valley,” “Charlulu Village,” and “Jinghua Cape” as potential locations available during release. A pre-register link is currently available, but besides that, do look out for more development updates for Azur Promilia in the future on Gamer Escape.

All images and video courtesy of Manjuu