Honkai Star Rail 2.1 Special Program Guide

18 Mar 2024

Hoyoverse just dropped a special program with a lot of information for Honkai Star Rail’s Patch 2.1. Since there’s so much new information, we at Gamer Escape are here to help you consolidate the news and figure out what to look out for!

The Version 2.1 update will be titled “Into the Yawning Chasm.”

The video showcases three of the new characters we will see: Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher. Version 2.1 will also bring back Jingliu and Luocha, two limited characters we’ve previously seen.

The Penacony main story, titled “The Devil in Velvet,” will bring a new boss to fight, alongside two new zones – Clock Studios Theme Park and Dewlight Pavilion. “Fates Ensemble” will be a new way to experience the story and its multiple story lines. There will also be shorter side stories alongside three announced events. Per the special program, the “Vignettes in a Cup” event will feature a drink mixing minigame, while the “Cosmodyssey” will feature a dice board game vibe minigame, and the “Tides of War” event will feature some battle modifying bonuses to put a twist on the game’s combat.

The first two banners that will drop alongside Version 2.1 will feature Acheron and Luocha in simultaneous limited banners. Acheron will be a Lightning Nihility path primary damage dealer that will play quite uniquely. While her damage will come out in the style of previously released traditional crit-scaling damage dealers, she will still benefit from other Nihility users on her team adding debuffs and directly increasing her damage dealt. She will also have unique interactions with toughness breaking and target selection with her ultimate that will be fresh to the game.

Another brand new character that will be featured will be Gallagher. While we do not know the full details of his kit yet, the special program did reveal that his kit will have both healing and debuffing components, alongside an interaction with the break effect stat. He will be available as rate-up four star Fire Abundance character in both Acheron and Luocha’s limited banners.

A new permanent stage will be added in the Simulated Universe on Patch 2.1, with the planar ornament sets being titled Sigonia, the Unclaimed Desolation, and Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm.

There will also be some patch-specific boosts coming in 2.1, with 300% boost events, for both planar ornaments and general relics.

On top of the various rewards from all the new main story and events, Honkai Star Rail will be mailing everyone 1,600 Stellar Jades, and giving out twenty Star Rail Special Passes through a celebration check-in event. For all the Stellar Jade purchasers, your shops will have its First-Time Top-Up Bonuses refreshed.

Be sure to check back in at Gamer Escape for more detailed updates on Honkai Star Rail as we learn more!

All images and video courtesy of HoYoverse