Tokyo Indie Games Summit Wraps Up with Over 120 Announcements

3 Mar 2024

Yesterday, we shared the announcement for Touhou Genso Wanderer -Foresight-, but this was just one of the many games that were shown over the last two days at the Tokyo Indie Games Summit. Visitors could take a look at over 120 games that were shown for the first time or had their demos released and playable at the show floor.

Of course, we cannot share everything that was on the floor in one article, so we’ve picked a few titles you can look forward to. The full list of all games can be found on the Indie Games Summit’s website right here.

Sky the Scraper

Roguelikes have long abandoned their roots and now come in all shapes and forms. Sky the Scraper, developed by Ryo Kubuchi and published by HYPER REAL, is leaning much farther out of the window. Instead of slaying foes in deep and dark dungeons, your job is to clean windows on ever higher and filthier buildings. Help Sky reach the top of his world to pave – and clean – his way to a new future.

Sky the Scraper is set to release later this year on PC with no concrete date announced yet.

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a clearly stated inspiration for this game that was initially funded on Kickstarter last year. In Mika and the Witch’s Mountain, it is your job to deliver packages throughout the region, interact with the residence, and explore this coming-of-age story. You can download the game’s demo right now on Steam or wait for the release later in 2024 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

Forgotten Fragments

From soaring through the skies all the way down into the dungeons of Forgotten Fragments. This 2D Puzzle Platformer comes with over 120 hand-drawn levels and a campaign that can be finished either alone or in co-op multiplayer, each of them offering different challenges. Binary Phoenix is developing and publishing this pixel-art platformer, which you can wishlist on Steam right now. Despite being announced originally in 2020, we’re still waiting on a release date for Forgotten Fragments. Hopefully the showcase in Tokyo was a first hint of more news later this year.

The Devil Within: Satgat

Cinematic cutscenes, a dark fantasy theme, and punishingly hard fights await you in The Devil Within: Satgat. Newcore Games is developing this 2.5D Action Platformer that offers players an extensive leveling system, vastly different level designs, and hordes of devils and demons to fight. Players will control Kim Rip, a Royal Guard with the sole focus of ridding the world of a strange corruption that is slowly taking him over as well. Whether you succumb to your foes or the corruption is up to your skills, which you can test in the demo on Steam right now. The release date is as of yet unannounced, though, despite the demo.

Ancient Weapon Holly

A game that you will be able to play very soon, on the other hand, is Ancient Weapon Holly, a top-down dungeon crawler developed by ACQUIRE Corp. With release set for March 8, 2024, the currently-available demo is as much a tutorial as a first taste of what is to come. Awaken the titular weapon Holly and enact your revenge on humanity with deadly traps, superior strategy, and lethal firepower. Ancient Weapon Holly will release on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Switch. A PlayStation 4 release is announced but not yet dated.

Valkyrie Squad: Siege Breakers

From one bulletstorm to another. With Valkyrie Squad: Siege Breakers comes a top-down bullet hell roguelike that focuses on action, hordes of enemies, and big guns. Players will send three Valkyries into each mission, each of which feature unique attack styles. You can find the game’s teaser trailer here on the YouTube channel of developer Digital Crafter. You can play the demo for Valkyrie Squad: Siege Breakers on Steam right now, while we all wait for a release date of the game.

KAMiBAKO – Mythology of Cube –

The last title on this list is finally a classic JRPG – or is it? KAMiBAKO – Mythology of Cube – combines classic JRPG elements with other genres into a a wholy new experience. Crafting and battling might not be anything new, but when you add puzzles and actual world building to the mix, then you have quite a unique game. Restore the world, place buildings, construct roads, and combine them both into settlements before venturing further into the uncharted world. Not quite sure how all these elements can work together? Then try the demo on Steam right now! And while you work on restoring the world, we shall await a release date from developer Gravity Game Arise.

This shall conclude our little highlight list of announcements from the Tokyo Indie Game Summit. Take a look at everything that was shown here and wishlist the games you’re interested in for future updates!

All images are courtesy of their respective developers and publishers.