Sparkle - New Honkai Star Rail Character Info

27 Feb 2024

Hoyoverse has just released official character gameplay and lore trailers for the new upcoming Honkai Star Rail playable character, Sparkle.

Lore wise, we’ve encountered her in the main story quest, and got a bit more exposure to the trickster in one of the side story quests. With the character trailer, however, the depth of her many sides is highlighted alongside a preview of a Blade Runner stylized Japanese setting.

In terms of gameplay, we’ve also received official information on how her kit will function. As a limited five-star quantum harmony character, her kit largely revolves around a skill point and damage boosting playstyle.

Her talent boosts the max number of skill points available to the team from five to seven. Her skill provides an action forward for allies while boosting their critical damage, and her ultimate restores skill points while also boosting allies damage.

Her simple yet extremely powerful kit will be a huge boost to most teams, as your team can use double the skill points in some cases. Most primary damage dealers will receive a huge boost, but skill point heavy consuming damage dealers like Qingque and Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae will receive the biggest damage boosts with their kits enabling multiple skill point expenditures per turn.

Another very notable part of her kit that has been heavily anticipated is the quantum boosting in her “Nocturne” trace. With SilverWolf’s weakness creating ability, full quantum teams utilizing Fu Xuan / Lynx as the defensive support, Silverwolf to force quantum weakness on enemies, Sparkle to boost quantum damage, and Qingque / Xueyi / Seele as the primary damage dealer are now available to use universally against any enemy team comps effectively.

She will be available for pulling in around 2-3 days (depending on where you are located) on Feb 29th local server time.

All images and video courtesy of HoYoverse