Honkai Star Rail Patch 2.0 Quick Guide

19 Feb 2024

With Honkai Star Rail‘s Patch 2.0 in full swing, there’s a lot of content out there to do. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Gamer Escape is here to help out with a quick guide of what to do in-game.

Claim Your Free Dr. Ratio

If you haven’t been playing for a while, or have not checked out your mailbox, you have until Patch 2.1 (current estimates suggest a couple of weeks from now) to claim a free Dr. Ratio, the enigmatic spreader of knowledge. Based on current community number crunching, at he has the highest single target damage currently (provided you fulfill his condition requirements), so you definitely do not want to miss out on your free limited five star character!

Work Your Way Through the New Penacony Storyline

A magical adventure blurring the lines between dreams and reality awaits with Honkai Star Rail‘s 2.0 main story line. On top of being able to enjoy the Patch 2.1 content as it drops, unlocking the main storyline will also unlock character ascension and trace materials for not only Black Swan and Misha, who are currently playable, but also for Sparkle, who will be coming in the next limited character banner cycle.

Roll for Black Swan, Misha, or Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae

Black Swan, a Wind Nihility five star character, is currently one of the strongest supports for a Nihility focused playstyle. If you enjoy a DOT-centric playstyle, she will be a very powerful enabler of damage over time. You will have around ten days to roll for her before her limited banner is cycled out.

If you are looking for some ice Destruction characters to add to your squad, Misha is a four star limited character that can be obtained in both limited banners.

The other limited banner running right now is Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae’s banner. This is his first re-run, and currently he is considered one of the strongest AOE characters in the game. If you’re looking for someone who excels at not only single target, but also for multiple enemies, you will also have ten days to roll for him.

These characters’ respective signature Light Cones are also available in this cycle, so roll for these Light Cones in the next ten days if you’re looking to power them up.

Quick Highlights for Newly Added Trailblaze Power Sinks

For some playable characters released in Patch 2.0, and for all new future characters, they will be using new trace and ascension materials.

New Crimson Calyxes have been added. A new Destruction Crimson Calyx has been added in Scalegorge Waterscape, and can be currently used for upgrading Misha’s traces. A new Nihility Crimson Calyx has also been added in the Alchemy Commission, with these trace materials being usable for Black Swan. A new Harmony Crimson Calyx has also been added in The Reverie, a zone in the new Dreamscape. If you’re looking to add the upcoming Sparkle to your roster, she will utilize these trace materials.

New ascension materials have been added, with new ice combat type ascension materials being available at the Shape of Nectar encounter, usable currently for Misha. The Shape of Roast encounter provides new Quantum combat type materials, which will be usable for the upcoming sparkle.

New Golden Calyxes have also been released. Although you can still use your old credits, character exp books, and Light Cone exp materials, these new Golden Calyxes will provide new non-resin capped character ascension materials.

A new Cavern of Corrosion was also added in Patch 2.0, with the Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters relic set being best in slot for your (freely) obtained Dr ratio, and the Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations set being very helpful for gearing characters like Ruan Mei and Xueyi.

Limited Time Events – Hanu’s Prison Break and Dreamchaser Bulletin

As you go through the new Patch 2.0 main story, you will encounter a variety of puzzles. The Hanu’s Prison Break event will provide you with many of these challenges, with the rewards including one character of your choice between Guainafen, Sampo, Asta, and Yukong. Other rewards include a Self-Modeling Resin, Stellar Jades, and Golden Calyx materials.

The Dreamchaser Bulletin event features a checklist that will be filled up as you interact with the new Patch 2.0 story. Rewards include stellar jades and other various Trailblaze Power restricted materials. You will have around 34 days to finish both of these events.

All images and video courtesy of HoYoverse