Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.55 Update Preview

11 Jan 2024

Square Enix has just updated the special site for Patch 6.55, Growing Light.

The patch will include part two of Growing Light‘s Main Scenario Quests, the final ones for Endwalker. In these, an unexpected visitor arrives in Old Sharlyan, seeking for the Warrior of Light at the Baldesion Annex. In addition, it looks like Krile will be equipping her Pictomancer Soul Crystal with this update, ahead of the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail.

Another update coming along in 6.55 is the Gilded Araya trial. Outside of the Asura manifestation being summoned in Thavnair, we currently do not have any extra information as to how it will tie into any of the existing storylines. For those who were able to test the fight at one of the previous FFXIV Fan Fests, it will be extra exciting to finally see this trial in-game.

The final conclusion to Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures will be released, with the Manderville squad running into “the most meddlesome nemesis they have encountered to date.” The final upgrade step for the Manderville Weapons will also be released simultaneously. It will be the best in slot weapon for current content not synched down, so be sure to pick up these powerful weapons and their visual upgrades!

The Endwalker Tribal Alliance Quests will also be released, with special rewards for those who have helped out each of the Endwalker Tribes. Join Jammingway to figure out if they can bring even more happiness through the Last Dregs, and be sure to start working on the Endwalker Tribes if you haven’t already raised your respective reputations with each of them.

If you’re excited for the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, be sure to check out our FFXIV Tokyo Fan Festival 2024 – Keynote Summary for more details!

All images courtesy of Square Enix