FFXIV Tokyo Fan Festival 2024 – Keynote Summary

7 Jan 2024

The third and final Fan Festival keynote leading up to the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail has just wrapped up. From a stage in the Tokyo Dome, Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida revealed a batch of new information revealing what players can expect in the upcoming expansion for the critically acclaimed MMO.

The keynote began with the final trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail.


The second job of Dawntrail, the Pictomancer, will use a brush to help manipulate aether to render their imagination into reality. Those creations won’t be limited to just creatures and weapons, but also landscapes. The Pictomancer will also have instant-cast abilities and spells.

Role: Magical Ranged DPS
Weapon: Brush
Required Class: None
Startling Level: 80
Starting Location: Gridania

After joking about how it would be hard for himself, a fifty year old man, to cosplay this job, Yoshida welcomed a model on stage cosplaying as the new Pictomancer job.

Patch 6.55

It was announced that we’ll be able to see the new female Hrothgar, Wuk Lamat, from the Dawntrail trailer in the game soon. This new character will make an appearance in Patch 6.55 which is set to release on January 16! In addition, the collaboration event with Final Fantasy XVI is planned for early April.

Areas of Toral

The world map has expanded a bit and revealed that Tural is made up of two larger areas. The long bridge shown in the trailer is what connects both of these landmasses. Tuliyollal is located in the south, and in the north is a brand new, futuristic looking hub known as Solution Nine.

We’ve also gotten a closer look at another area, Heritage Found. This region is overflowing with lightning, with thunderclouds that blot out the sun. Streaks of purple levin are constantly illuminating the area.


A new video was shown, giving us a look at a handful of the dungeons that will be coming with Dawntrail.

New Slice of Life Content

Originally set to be announced at the London Fan Fest, we now have more information about the new larger slice of life content being called Cosmic Exploration. The artwork depicts adventurers on the moon, but the content will in fact take players to other planets! Yoshida said that if there was just one, there wouldn’t be a lot of variety in the scenery so this way you’ll be able to see your progress.

Echoes of Vana’diel

After Echoes of Vana’diel was announced as the 24-man Alliance Raid, players have been speculating on who might make an appearance. We have confirmation now that the Shadow Lord from Final Fantasy XI will be a part of the new raid!

New Savage Raid

The 8-man raid was announced during the Tokyo keynote and will take players into a large fan-cooled tower that appears to be located in Solution Nine. The name of the new raid series will be The Arcadion.

New Ultimate Raid

The next Ultimate Raid will focus on the Eden raid series from Shadowbringers. It will be called Futures Rewritten (Ultimate).

New Limited Job

While not a lot of additional information was given regarding the next limited job that will appear during 7.x, Yoshida did give us a name. The Limited Job for Dawntrail will be Beastmaster.

They’re still working on things, but it was mentioned that there will likely be a collection feature involved.

Female Hrothgar

The final reveal, which was already shown off in the trailer, was female Hrothgar. Yoshida also noted that with all of the graphic changes coming that they would be giving players a Fantasia to use should they want to change their race.

Before we got to the end, Yoshida gave us a look at this new artwork for Dawntrail. There are a number of new characters, who are they and what role will they play?

There’s no information yet for the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Collector’s Edition, however Yoshida says they hope to release that information, including pre-order timing and bonuses as soon as they can.

In between the keynote and the opening ceremony, it was revealed that Final Fantasy XIV has reached 30 million total registered players.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is set to release this summer for PlayStation, Xbox Series, and PC.

Photos taken by Gamer Escape. Screenshots courtesy of Square Enix.