Honkai Star Rail's Ruan Mei Character Trailer and Other Version 1.6 Announcements

22 Dec 2023

“Steam from boiling waters percolates upon brows, as a light flame roasts to a backdrop of embroidered pillows and strands of luscious hair.
In an oven does a letter crackle burn, its substance rich in mass, poor in emotion.
With brushes come strokes, branches, and emerald waters.
With a swipe of a finger she runs the pearled powder of fine jade, the shine of snow clinking,
As the luster of old chapters fall to ash and shade.”

– Hoyoverse

Ruan Mei’s trailer shows an interesting backstory to a very uniquely scientific and emotionally detached worldview. The trailer showcases the development of her ambitions to become an Aeon, which was foreshadowed with her Simulated Universe appearances as arguably the strongest giver of blessings and curios. She will be the first Five-Star Limited Harmony character, with her combat type being Ice.

Honkai Star Rail’s version 1.6 has a lot of other upcoming content as well.

A new Simulated Universe Path, Erudition, is going to be unlocked permanently after the version 1.6 release. First time rewards include two Self Modeling Resins, two Tracks of Destiny, 4,000 Stellar Jades, four Star Rail Passes, and other rewards.

A new challenge called “Pure Fiction” will be released and periodically updated after 01/08/2024 04:00 server time. For this release, you will be able to earn 720 Stellar Jades, Jade Feathers which can be used to redeem rewards like Self-Modeling Resin, and other rewards.

A new mission, “Youci’s Clever Decor,” and a new challenge mode called “Pure Fiction” will also be released 01/08/2024 4:00 server time, and will give you a free copy of Lynx.

A new event called “Critter Pick,” centered around Ruan Mei’s creations, will be released 02/05/2024 03:59 server time. You will be able to earn one Tracks of Destiny, 750 stellar Jades, a new chat box called “Celestial Incubator”, and other rewards as limited time event rewards.

Another Planar Ornaments event, that doubles planar ornament drop rates from the Simulated Universe, will be ongoing from 01/10/2024 4:00 to 01/17/2024 03:59 server time.

Lastly, a check-in event will be active starting from 02/05/2024 03:59 server time. As long as you check-in for seven days, you will be able to claim ten Star Rail Special Passes.

All images and video courtesy of HoYoverse