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Riot Games Announces New League of Legends Champion Hwei

19 Nov 2023

Riot Games has just announced the release of a new champion in League of Legends: Hwei. Much like Jhin, this champion’s lore thematics are very centered around a violent manifestation of art.

Similar to Aphelios, this champion relies on combinations to manifest a very wide array of abilities. Even though League always follows the “QWER” schematic for abilities, the amount of combinations increased a lot for Aphelios with two layers. With Hwei’s kit having three layers, it is very obvious Riot Games took some inspiration from Valve’s Dota 2 Invoker.

Here is a cheat sheet Riot Games has released to help us prepare to learn to either play Hwei ourselves, or learn how to play against Hwei on Summoner’s Rift.

Riot has also teased at a new Summoner’s Rift for the new League of Legends season, so Hwei will not be the only new thing hitting League of Legends.

All images and video courtesy of Riot Games.