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663 Games Announces Action Roguelite 'Realm Of Ink' for 2024

17 Nov 2023

The Chinese indie publisher 663 Games announced today their first global release game: Realm of Ink, developed in cooperation between Leap Studios and Maple Leaf Studio. Players will begin their isometric journey through the ink-style game as the sword-wielding Red on her quest to slay a Fox Demon. Through her journey, Red eventually realizes she is a fictional character and her fate is in the hands of a mysterious Book Spirit. With a new purpose, she embarks on her quest to defy her fate and learn more about the title-giving Realm of Ink.

Over time, players will explore the world of Realm of Ink to unlock more characters and learn more about the virtual realm they inhabit. Not only will players be able to unlock new characters but they can also acquire companions which will follow them around on their journey. These so-called Ink Pets will level up alongside the character.

Each run through this roguelite will lead players through new battle stages along different routes filled with enemies, NPCs, and other secrets. Realm of Ink is set to release 2024 on PC and consoles and can be wishlisted on Steam right now.

All images courtesy of 663 Games