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Honkai Star Rail - Version 1.5 Event Overview

11 Nov 2023

Hoyoverse has just announced details for some of the content coming with Honkai Star Rail’s Version 1.5.

The central content for the patch is a continuation of the Main Story, with the quest being titled “A Foxian Tale of the Haunted.”

The short description from Hoyoverse is as follows:
With the Creation Furnace having burst apart, the heliobi sealed within have gone loose. The Ten-Lords Commission are commanded to eradicate these demons, and you are about to experience an otherworldly tale with the judges.”

Another side quest will also be released simultaneously. As long as you complete this between the 1.5 patch release and December 25th, you will receive one Self-modeling Resin, one Tracks of Destiny, 1200 Stellar Jades, and an abundance event lightcone titled “Hey, Over Here” tied to Guinaifen.

Even if you end up missing out on the event, the sidequest will stick around, with another Tracks of Destiny, 1120 Stellar Jades, Relic Remains, and an in-game phone wallpaper as permanent rewards on top of the limited time rewards.

Hoyoverse will also roll out another in-game check-in event that will net us 10 Star Rail Special Passes. To collect these, you will simply need to go to your events tab in-game for at least 7 days between the event release and Dec 26th.

Another event that will be coming out later into Version 1.5 is a double planar ornament event. We’ve seen this one historically, and historically, we’ve been able to use immersifiers or Trailblaze Power to redeem double rewards up to 12 times for the duration of the event. Unlike the other events, this one will only last for a week from November 24th to December 1st.

The free and paid battlepasses, Nameless Honor, will also be refreshed at the release of Version 1.5, alongside other micro-transaction packages.

For more information on the upcoming new 5-star character, Huohuo, check out our other article here.

All images and video courtesy of HoYoverse